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CPE Marketing: Supercharge Advertising Channels and Improve Consumer Engagement.


Consumer promotions are a way to effectively attract new customers and grow your customer base. Consumer perceptions are increasingly impressionable, especially with mounting consumer expectations of a personalized experience.  Even small changes in marketing efforts that utilize promotions can significantly impact consumers’ interest and purchase decisions. Understand How Your Consumers Shop Determine CPE Spend Implement Promotions at Critical Consumer Journey Points In-store and online […]


Gamification Marketing

What Actually is Gamification? Gamification is the process of incorporating game mechanics into an already existing application in order to increase engagement, participation, and loyalty in users. Why […]


Shopper Marketing

Drive Shopper Marketing with Digital Promotions Shopper marketing is all about making an impression on your consumer. Today, the playing field is vast, offering tactics from both retail […]

sweepstakes bots

Protecting Your Sweepstakes From Bots

What are ‘bots’ and what is the risk? A bot, simply put, is a program that runs simple and repetitive automated tasks over the internet to do things quickly and at scale. Bots operate at […]

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Summer Contest Ideas

It’s heating up and summer is approaching faster than you know it. Before stepping outside to enjoy the nice weather, start building your brand’s next marketing campaign. Realtime […]