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A Look at Sweepstakes Law: How Fine Print Is a Big Deal

11. 20. 17

Your sweepstakes can be compelling, creative and fun — but without following the law you’re placing your brand at risk. Which is tricky, because sweepstakes law can be complicated (simply put).

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How Receipt Validation Turns Offline Consumer Data into Actionable Digital Insights

11. 13. 17

Receipt validation is a powerful way to boost engagement and registrations for your promotion, while capturing valuable data on in-store purchases of your product.

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How to Select a Social Media Contest Platform

10. 19. 17

Today’s technology has left us with no shortage of options. The question is no longer: What do I do? The question is: Which one of a hundred ways do I do it?

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Why Social Media Brand Activation Matters

10. 12. 17

The modern marketer understands that time-tested methods of advertising worked in their day, but to move the modern consumer, they must use social media brand activation.

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Sweepstakes Marketing: a Winning Solution to Consumer Engagement

10. 05. 17

Though traditional advertising has its advantages, many consumers feel indifferent toward routine marketing methods. Messages compete for space and attention crowd the buyer. How do you spark significant and memorable engagement?

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Sweepstakes Promotion: They Enter, You Win

09. 29. 17

The business world functions through value exchange. A simple example of this would be the transaction of money for goods and services. The premier example of value exchange would be the marketing strategy that is a sweepstakes promotion.

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