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Our sweepstakes, instant-win games, and UGC contests gather valuable consumer data while incentivizing your customers and building brand recognition. Throughout your campaign, our platform’s reporting enables you to track live key metrics.

We cover every detail:

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Promotions are flexible and effective. They can live entirely on social media, or be centered around a microsite. We can help you align your prizing and promotion type to match your audience and marketing goals.



Exciting Grand Prizes Drive Acquisition

We’ll build a sweepstakes campaign to your specification. Whether you’re looking to drive acquisition of new customers or re-engage existing ones, we make it easy.


Instant Win Games

Drive Repeat Engagement with Exciting Prizes

We can customize any of our standard instant win games, or we can build you a custom game from scratch. Either way, we’re a capable partner and make everything seamless, including handling prizes!


User-Generated Content

A Powerful Platform to Source UGC Content and a Strategic Partner

Harness the social influence and following your brand has, and use a promotion to increase followers, engagement, or measurement of your followers’ purchasing power. We handle every aspect of setting up social aggregators, which means you can focus on the big idea of your campaign.


Loyalty Programs

Reward Customer Purchases and Keep Them Engaged

Not only can we set up your loyalty program, but we can strategically help you run ongoing promotions that encourage new customers to interact with your loyalty program.


Receipt Validation

Mobile Shopper Marketing That's Easy for Customers

Gain insight into the products your buyers are purchasing in-store. Customers simply take a picture of their receipt and upload, text or email the image for purchase validation. Encourage your customers to take part in receipt verification by awarding points, sweepstakes entries or coupon codes for similar products.


Legal and Prize Services

Full Legal Compliance, Sweepstakes Management and Prize Fulfillment

Sweepstakes logistics can be a hassle. There are legal requirements and prize details required at the beginning and end of every promotion. That’s where we come to help. We have extreme knowledge and attention to detail with legal and prize needs. This ensures your promotion launches without a hitch, and your winners have a great experience with your brand.

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Promotion Add-Ons


Mobile Wallet Marketing

Send geo-fenced offers and beacon notifications to enhance your digital promotion strategy. With push notifications, you can deliver a targeted message to your customers’ mobile device, calling them back to participate in your loyalty program or in-store purchase promotion.


Social Media Influencers

Depending on your social strategy, we can help you leverage influencers to encourage entries in your promotion. Whether it’s calling users to hashtag a photo on social media or just directing them to the promotion, we can help you source an influencer (or influencers!) for your campaign.



At the cutting edge of promotions, we have implemented augmented reality sweepstakes and games. This drives a digital experience of unrivaled time spent on the promotion and creates a memorable experience that users are inclined to share with their friends and social followers.