Winner Frequently Asked Questions

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Other Frequently Asked Questions

Explore common questions and topics that winners have

Who is Realtime Media?

Realtime Media (“RTM”) is an award-winning digital promotions company with more than 20 years of experience powering digital promotions. We specialize in developing innovative sweepstakes, contests and games.

RTM has been the Promotion Administrator for some of the world’s largest brands, agencies and retailers. Our team is responsible for ensuring that all parties involved maintain legal compliance.

Is this legitimate?

All promotions administered by Realtime Media are legitimate promotions that comply with all local, state, federal, and international promotions laws and regulations of the eligible regions.

Realtime Media may send you an email from addresses ending in "" or "", both of which are solely under the control of Realtime Media. If you do receive an email claiming to be from RTM at an address that does not belong to either of those domains, please report it.

I got a package from your company...

Congrats! If you've received a package from Realtime Media it is because you were selected as a winner as a part of a promotion that Realtime Media helped power!

Not only does RTM handle winner administration and compliance administration for promotions, we also handle the procurement and distribution of prizes for sweepstakes, contest, instant win games, and giveaways!

Why do I need to complete a DocuSign?

As a part of IRS Tax Policy Compliance, all winners of prizes valued greater than $600 are required to complete a W9 form . The procuring party of the prize is then legally obligated to issue a 1099-MISC Tax Form at the conclusion of the year to winners for reference when filing taxes.

As a means of distributing and collecting that information securely and efficiently, Realtime Media DocuSign The Global Standard for eSignature®, DocuSign is the leader in eSignature transaction management.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Explore common question and topics that winners have

General Promotions

Why am I a potential winner?

The status of “potential winner” refers to the standard process of winner confirmation. Once our team confirms that you, as a potential winner, comply with the promotion’s eligibility requirements as outlined in the Official Rules and any necessary paperwork, you will then be deemed a “winner” and be formally awarded your prize.

I don’t remember entering…

We recommend you contact the Promotion Administrator of the promotion in order to get more information on your participation details.

Who are the winners?

We recommend you take a look at the Official Rules of the promotion, which will detail how you may request a winner list for that specific promotion.

Do I have to pay to claim?

You do not have to provide cash or online payment to secure a prize. The only legally required action that may be required in order to be considered a “confirmed” winner would be to complete the necessary paperwork, like an Eligibility and Release of Liability Form and/or a W9 Form for tax purposes in prizes that are $600 or over

Prizes and Rewards

When will I get my prize?

Please refer to the fulfillment timing outlined in the Official Rules of the promotion you have won.

Do I need to post about my prize?

Unless you were notified otherwise by a promotion party (Administrator or Sponsor), we think you are free to post the prize on social media and preferably, tag the Sponsor.

Docusign and Winner Packets

Why do I need to sign this?

Completion of the Eligibility and Release of Liability Form is required to confirm a potential winner’s information is accurate and that they are eligible to claim the prize. Additionally, it includes liability language and acts as a reaffirmation that you as the winner agrees and abides by the official rules of the promotion.

The W9 Form is a document required to report miscellaneous income to the IRS when the value of an awarded prize is $600 or more. The designated procuring party of the prize is legally obligated to issue a 1099 Form to the winner for their reference and use while filing taxes.

Why do I need to provide my SSN?

There are several reasons for the Sponsor and/or Administrator to request this information. First, this information is collected to minimize identity theft and avoid someone using another person’s SSN to claim a high value prize. Additionally, because the awarded prize is $600 or more, potential winners must provide a completed W9 form which is used in the generation and issuance of 1099 Forms.

Is my information shared?

We understand the apprehension in providing sensitive information, which is why we can assure you that we abide by the stringent security procedures when handling personal information. This includes the implementation and use of secure data management tools and platforms

Is DocuSign secure?

DocuSign®, The Global Standard for eSignature®, is the leader in eSignature transaction management. DocuSign has the highest level of security assurance as the only eSignature provider to be both IS0 27001 certified internationally and across the entire company. SSAE 16 examined and tested, complying with the reporting requirements stipulated by the AICPA. Industry-leading data confidentiality with application-level AES 256-bit encryption and anti-tampering controls that protect the integrity of customer documents, both in process and completed


How much will I owe in taxes?

We are unable to provide that amount since the amount depends on the value of the prize and the winner’s tax bracket.

If you are interested in getting a better idea of the taxes you would owe, we recommend you consult with your accountant.

When will I receive my 1099?

Tax documents are sent at the end of the year the prize was fulfilled.

Still Have a Question?

Directly email the support email address noted in the rules of the promotion.

Where are the rules on my promotion?

Every promotion Realtime Media is the administrator for includes “Official Rules“ in the footer.