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Social Activation

Social Activation

Use Social Insights to Drive Business Value

RTM has had social thinking at our core from the first Tell-A-Friend email we sent back in 1998. When it makes sense, we love to creatively apply technology and thread social into the campaigns we develop. Because it is important to get your message, brand or promotion in front of your consumers where they are spending their time—on social media and on mobile devices — we use this social foundation to create clear and actionable campaigns, which will start a conversation and drive business results.

Social can be as simple as integrating our incentivized social sharing tool, One2Many, into a promotion or implementing a campaign that takes place directly on a social platform – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, or the next big thing. Because these platforms are rapidly changing and evolving, our team of social media strategists and developers stay up to date on social promotion guidelines and laws so that we can guide you through any technical or legal challenges.


We can help you with:

  • icon Social Strategy
  • icon Developing and Implementing Promotions Across Platforms
  • icon Social Sharing
  • icon Social Expertise, Legal & Compliance Consulting
  • icon Rights Management / Automated Response
  • icon Content Submission, Aggregation, Curation & Moderation
  • icon Pushing Content Live –Anywhere!
  • icon Paid Media Support