Promoting your brand or product through sweepstakes can be a complex process without the support of a sweepstakes vendor. You need to abide by legal compliance standards, manage the program entries and winners, and adhere to the commitments you have made in your Official Rules regarding prizes and winners; Not to mention navigating state-specific regulations.

Organizing sweepstakes marketing campaigns for your customers and selecting the right prizes can be a daunting task and requires much coordination for a flawless launch. Overlooking any element that may seem like a trivial detail may have consequences that overshadow the results that you may have earned from the sweepstakes campaign. For example, The Hershey Brand ran a sweepstakes with weekly winners that generated over 800,000 registrations, with the help of Realtime Media.

Would you want to experience that level of growth?

You will need a certified and experienced sweepstakes management company offering to simplify your process of handing promotions. Read on to find out the benefits of working with a sweepstakes promotion agency.

Reasons to Run a Sweepstakes

Marketing campaigns come in various forms, and one of them is a sweepstakes. We like to refer to it as one of the oldest forms of marketing – entering to win a prize. The biggest reason behind organizing a sweepstakes campaign with the help of a sweepstakes firm is to ensure proper legal compliance, entry collection, winner selection, and prize fulfillment. Any sweepstakes having a grand prize will present an opportunity for your consumers to enter for free for a chance to win that prize. You can have online games, contests and other events to offer incentives. Moreover, this is a unique way to capture the interest of existing and potential clients.

Some results a sweepstakes can drive may include:

  • It enables you to develop your audience and generate potential leads
  • You can create user-generated content
  • It brings more traffic to your website
  • You get to access more followers on social media
  • It helps drive sales
  • You can promote your brand’s news or generate awareness of a new product

At Realtime Media, we have the support services and expertise to help you host successful sweepstakes. We partner with our Clients to provide all support services you may need through one sweepstakes vendor relationship. Indeed, we guide the entire administration process and implement the sweepstakes per your requirements for valid entries and prizes.

Benefits of a Sweepstakes Promotion

If you utilize this marketing technique, you will likely boost your marketing goals, depending on what consumer activity you incentivize as an entry. Once you start working with a sweepstakes management company, you will access deep experience and a partner who can guide you through options you have to customize your campaign.

Their services should include authoring of the Official Rules and dedicated management of your sweepstakes and giveaways. They may also have services to assist you with prize fulfillment, winner management, and microsite development for collecting entries in your sweepstakes.

This way, you can nurture awareness and facilitate engagement to generate interest and drive sales. In turn, this helps spread awareness amongst consumer audiences that are most interested in your products and services. Consequently, it will enhance your brand image and engagement.

If you partner with Realtime Media, you will get an effectively designed sweepstakes to generate valuable first-party data on potential leads and customers.

So, the benefits of utilizing sweepstakes promotion through a sweepstakes vendor are:

  • It offers flexibility and customization
  • You get to engage with your audience and drive sales
  • It can create brand awareness and solidify customer interest
  • You capture valuable insight into your consumer demographic

If you choose to get help from a sweepstakes firm, you can harness the best digital promotion trends for your event.

Why Choose a Sweepstakes Vendor?

Undoubtedly, a successful sweepstake will bring in enough engagement to create brand awareness. Not every sweepstakes vendor offers all services to be your one-stop shop. So, what should you look for in such companies?

In a sweepstakes promotion agency, you should look for legal compliance, entry management, and prize and winner services like:

  • Microsite development for the promotion
  • Legal compliance for your Official Rules
  • Fulfillment of the prizes to winners
  • Data security for every consumer
  • Strategic guidance and a result-oriented approach

If you partner with Realtime Media, you will get a full-service solution for all your sweepstakes requirements.

A sweepstakes vendor can streamline the process – From a strategic approach to support your goals and down to the legal administration and compliance aspect. With their help, you can launch exciting promotions to drive awareness and purchase consideration.

Core Traits of a Sweepstakes Vendor

Typically, most sweepstakes companies have core traits like:

  • A range of campaign types – You can choose from options like sweepstakes, contests, and instant-win promotions.
  • Engaging add-ons for the campaign will help enrich the consumer experience through features like text-to-enter or receipt validation.
  • Legal administration and compliance services – One of the most important aspects is the Sweepstakes laws, and a vendor will help you through the processes.
  • Prize strategy – You develop a prize pool that will be effective and attractive to your audience.

At Realtime Media, you get legal help for your sweepstakes, including drafting of rules, taxation of the prize money and indemnification. You will also get services like the fulfillment of prize allocation and shipping.

In other words, Realtime Media will meet all the marketing and compliance requirements for sweepstakes promotions. See it to believe it!

Why Choose Realtime Media?

The result is the most crucial part of any marketing initiative. That is why Realtime Media will offer you actionable insights and reporting on the performance of your sweepstakes.

That means you can measure your results and have benchmarks for future campaigns to test and learn. Such a sweepstakes management company will help you with:

  • Customer acquisition – You can incentivize engagement and draw attention to bring a simple user flow.
  • Brand loyalty – You can motivate a repetitive engagement through multiple entries and gain customer loyalty.
  • Product sales – Sweepstakes are a great way to promote new product launches.
  • Social sharing – Customers can share your promotion, and you will gain extra entries.

These will help you solidify brand loyalty from consumers and bring in new users. Furthermore, it will create brand awareness, and all eyes will be on your brand during a product launch.

Realtime Media is a sweepstakes vendor that’s your perfect partner when looking for a way to outsource services for a promotional event.

The Bottom Line

The leading benefit of working with a sweepstake management company is holistic access to all the services and expertise to execute a legally-compliant program while outsourcing the management of details that can strain your team. This way, you can focus on marketing results like customer acquisition, brand loyalty and social sharing, which will help drive product sales.

There are various sweepstake companies in the market, but Realtime Media should be your one-stop destination. Are you ready to start your first promotion with the help of the best sweepstakes vendor?