Legal Compliance

Dedicated in-house promotion experts ensure full compliance with state and federal laws.

Full Official Rules

Alternate Means of Entry

Legal Review of Promotion Materials

Our expert team of promotion experts help guide your team to ensure full legal compliance with marketing and promotional material.

Bonding & Registration

State-by-state regulations may require promotions to be registered and bonded. Our team of experts handles the necessary paperwork and filings wherever necessary to ensure compliance.


Winner Selection and Administration

After your promotion ends, we can take care of selection and notifying winners of their status.

Winner Drawings

Judging and Content Moderation

Promotion Support

W9 & 1099 IRS Tax Forms

We issue and track W9 and 1099 Forms and your behalf to make sure your company stays compliant with IRS tax forms.

Winner Notification

Focus on a seamless user experience. Reach out to potential winners to let them know they've won. Via email, SMS, or social media, we reach users where they are.


Procurement and Fulfillment Strategy

Taking care of the details and logistics of procurement, warehousing, and fulfillment of all prize elements.

Prize Strategy

Warehouse & Inventory Management

Rewards Processing

Sourcing and Procurement

We specialize in prize sourcing and procurement with direct buying power to award any prize.

Prize Kitting and Shipping

Our in-house fulfillment center has flexible capabilities for custom packing, buck slips, and promotional inserts.

Learn more about how we can help you with all of your Prize Fulfillment needs.

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The Ultimate
All-in-One Solution: PromoPick™

Full-service options for development, fulfillment, and legal administration that serve branded and customizable digital promotions

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