Though traditional advertising has its advantages, many consumers feel indifferent toward routine marketing methods. Messages competing for space and attention crowd the buyer until there’s no room to breathe.

So how do you sell and not overwhelm? How do you get your target to form a relationship with your brand in a lasting (and ultimately profitable) way? How do you spark significant and memorable engagement?

Sweepstakes marketing is not a new concept, but it is still effective. To understand the reason why, consider the ways in which traditional advertising falls short. You see a commercial, listen to a radio spot or read a newspaper, but you don’t interact with the ads beyond dialing a number or visiting a website.

Sweepstakes marketing is markedly different because of the value exchange between you and your customer. They stand to gain a potential prize, while you stand to gain their information, loyalty and following. Our PromoPick instant win sweepstakes for Essie saw over 60,000 new registrations, over 150,000 site visits, and over 280,000 game plays. To grasp how it’s effective, look at the process:

Your customer engages with your brand throughout the length of the sweepstakes. As this is happening, every step of the way, you are profiting from their interaction. When the customer enters their information, they are exposed to the brand. Follow-up emails keep your company fresh in their minds. And at the closing of the sweepstakes, they are invested in the results. That investment doesn’t disappear. It manifests later in recall, retention, and revenue.

Marketers should note the benefits of a well-developed sweepstakes. Making a sale is fine, but building a relationship is better. And like all great relationships, it’s give-and-take. So give and take.

Traditional advertising may have its advantages, but to achieve real results and get people excited, you have to shake things up. The Realtime Media sweepstakes marketing services team can do just that.

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we’re equipped to handle your next campaign. Need a quick, cost-effective solution that won’t break the bank? A PromoPick sweepstakes can launch in as few as 5 days.

We handle legal compliance, official rules and regulations, strategy, creative look and feel and post-promotion analytics for a truly comprehensive product. Realtime Media is a sweepstakes marketing agency that you can trust for all of your sweepstakes strategy, marketing and administration needs. Contact us to learn more!