Whether it's a digital or offline promotion, our solution supports any combination of entries.

  • Registration Site Ensure a transparent and organized experience for both your brand and your participants with our dedicated online platform.
  • Offline Promotions Whether it is in-store, in-app, or on-location at a convention, collect promotion entries on your own and let us help with the administration.
  • Online e-Commerce Running a digital promotion can drive sales, enhance customer engagement, collect valuable data, and boost brand awareness.
  • In-Store Purchases We specialize in shopper marketing by activating the consumer with a digital promotion, driving them to act and participate with your in-store promotion.
  • Social Media Contests Amplify brand visibility, engagement, and user-generated content by leveraging the viral nature of social platforms, reaching a broader audience beyond your existing follower base.
  • Social Media Giveaways As customers increasingly shop and engage with brands on social media, using your social page to spark engagement with a surprise giveaway is a great way to keep followers engaged.
  • Survey Sweepstakes A survey sweepstakes rewards active participation and valuable feedback directly from your consumers, building mutual communication and appreciation.
  • SMS Text-to-Enter SMS activation provides your brand a chance to engage consumers and extend the customer experience post purchase.

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