In any contest or sweepstakes, the winner of a high-value prize — worth more than $600 — is required to record that prize with the IRS. Typically, the sponsoring brand and their sweepstakes management company handle all aspects of legal administration, including the IRS filing, to ensure full compliance — but the back-and-forth required of winners can be a painstaking process.

Realtime Media’s new Winner Management Portal has transformed this process, delivering a seamless and high-touch winner experience for high-value prizes.

Now, the very moment a winner responds to claim their prize, an email containing the declaration is automatically delivered to their inbox — ensuring the important information is received and seen. The portal technology also includes a custom integration with the DocuSign API, guiding users through a swift and secure way to digitally sign the paperwork.

Every aspect of winner communication and prize fulfillment is fully visible to the brand in just one dashboard, so they can immediately see the status of a winner’s confirmation, declaration and prize delivery.

At Realtime Media, we know that everyone who engages with a brand’s contest or sweepstakes is a key audience, and it’s critical to ensure an excellent brand experience — from start to finish — for each participant and winner. The new Winner Management Portal provides a white-glove experience to each winner, no matter the value of the prize, with immediate communication, efficient collection of data or signatures, and updates through every step of prize redemption.

Our breakthrough technology creates a seamless backend process for clients, eliminating much of the time-consuming manual work to deliver a swift, excellent winner experience.

We’d love to walk you through this breakthrough tool in a quick 30-minute demo. It will change the way you handle your digital promotions and manage your winners. Learn more about the benefits of Realtime Media’s Winner Management Portal and see how it can impact your team today.