Have an application for Android, iOS or Google Play? Looking to launch an App to promote your product or service? Need to boost average session time and average weekly visits to your newly-launched app?

Mobile apps are a great way to increase engagement and retention among your consumers, especially with the convenience of always being at-hand. But there are a lot of apps out there, over 3.5 Million to be (almost) exact! The average person has between 60 and 90 apps on their phone, but only launch about 9 unique apps in a given day. So, if your app has fallen out of those lucky 9 used regularly, how can you enrich your app to stand out and keep users coming back?

We recommend implementing a points or behavior-based loyalty promotion into your app. When users return to your app and access different features, you have full control of the presentation layer of the loyalty portion. With access to our API, you can utilize full sweepstakes and instant win game features. For example, when users collect enough points, they can cash them in for a chance to scratch or spin a game to see if they win a prize.

This unlocks the full potential of driving repeat engagement with your app. Our platform allows you to take advantage of the ergonomics, haptics, geo-location, and contact information, while encrypting all data to ensure user security.

How can In-App promotions help my company?

The cycle continues, but for new consumers downloading the application. People who play the in-app instant-win games, share with friends via social channels and the engagement grows.

Realtime Media found that In-App promotions help:

  • Gain users
  • Encourage users to share with friends for loyalty points
  • Have short timelines to keep client retention high
  • Loyalty points give users more chances to play, ultimately keeping people coming back to the application

We have successfully created In-App promotions for various companies, enhancing application downloads, engagement and app retention.

What are your marketing goals for your app?

[rtm_table heading-desc="Goal" column-desc="Solution"]
[rtm_table_column columns="4"]
[rtm_table_head]Drive App Downloads & Gain New Users[/rtm_table_head]
[rtm_table_content]Sweepstakes can attract users to come back to the game every day to gain more entries[/rtm_table_content]
[rtm_table_column columns="4"]
[rtm_table_head]Increase average session time and launches per week[/rtm_table_head]
[rtm_table_content]Instant win games help initiate a relationship with the consumer. They Will come back to play again and tell their friends.[/rtm_table_content]
[rtm_table_column columns="4"]
[rtm_table_head]Drive behaviors within the app and generate social buzz around prizes[/rtm_table_head]
[rtm_table_content]Loyalty points are given through social sharing, spreading the word of your In-App promotion, giving users the chance to redeem through social sharing[/rtm_table_content]

Proven Results:

One of our more recent success stories was teaming up with 18Birdies, a golf company who we helped launch a successful in-app promotion campaign, with fun instant-win games and grand prize sweepstakes. They we’re looking to generate new users, increase their presence in the golf community, and drive in-app engagement.

The campaign was centered around “Golf Bucks”, a virtual currency earned by playing rounds of golf and using the app to track their stats as they go, playing side games, and rating golf courses. This was a great strategy because it allowed users to get rewarded for doing what they love. “The more you play, the more you earn!” Users we’re also able to earn more Golf Bucks by sharing a unique link with friends to download the app as well. Over the course of the campaign, the app had over 1 million downloads.

As users earned Golf Bucks, they were able to redeem them for chances to play instant win games for a chance to win daily prizes. Additionally, playing the instant win games entered them in the monthly sweepstakes for a grand prize vacation. There we’re so many opportunities to win, and users got the chance to do just by doing what they love, golfing!

And it was a huge success. There were over 100 new registrants each month, and each day there were over 10,000 game plays per day. In addition, there was a 25% social share & referral rate. See the full case study and video here!