18Birdies Campaign Overview

In the founding phases of their app launch, 18Birdies was looking for a way to acquire new signups, keep users engaged, and get them to share the app with friends.

The in-app solution we built for them is centered around earning “Golf Bucks” for taking actions within the app. In this case, playing rounds of golf and tracking stats using the app. “The more you play, the more you earn!”

What 18Birdies was looking to do:
  • Promote the latest app additions
  • Generate new fans and users
  • Increase presence in virtual golf community
  • Drive in-app engagement

Redeem Points
to Win Prizes

“Golf Bucks” can be redeemed for chances to play the instant win game, where prizes change weekly. All players of the instant win game are entered for a chance to win the monthly grand prize trip.


Seamless Integration with your App

When you bring a promotion natively to your app, like 18Birdies has, you drive meaningful user habits over time, while keeping them excited about prizes they could win (whether they’re sponsor’s products or your own).


This video from 18Birdies illustrates the Golf Bucks program in full detail

Overall Results


Database Growth

100+ New Registrants Each Month


Brand Awareness

25%+ Social Share & Referral Rate of App


Instant Win

10,000+ Game Plays
a Day

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