Prize fulfillment is the logical conclusion to any promotion. When your sweepstakes or contest ends — the cookware, car or $10,000 check has to be delivered. More than that, it has to be delivered in a secure and timely fashion. The credibility of your brand depends on it.

What You Should Know About Prize Fulfillment

Packaging, labeling, collating. Procurement, sorting, assembly, processing. These are only some of the actions necessary for proper, punctual prize fulfillment. So when planning a promotion, what do you account for?

Legal management should be top of mind. Compliance with your official rules, terms and conditions is crucial to preserving the trust that you’ve built. More than that, legal management is essential in navigating the complex and perilous subject of tax forms.

Consider the logistical angle of fulfillment, no less important than legal. When the planning and implementation of your promotion’s fulfillment aren’t handled — are handled poorly — your sweepstakes or contest will fall short of the finish line. All logistical challenges should be acknowledged far in advance by your provider.

So you’ve covered legal and feel secure in coordinating logistics — but what about volume? The amount of prizes you expect to deliver requires a comparable service. A large, high-value prize is fulfilled differently than hundreds of smaller prizes. And how they’re moved from A to B is often complicated.

The Simple Solution

Ensure your promotion is a success and cement your brand as competent and credible. Seek the service of a promotions provider with experience in prize fulfillment.

Fulfillment can be as difficult as juggling legal, logistics and delivery — or as simple as contacting a company to handle it for you. With over 20 years in the industry helping brands like Walmart, General Mills and L’Oreal, Realtime Media understands every step of the promotions process.

For more about promotions management, check out this blog on sweepstakes law. To learn how we can manage your prize fulfillment at the lowest cost, give us a call at 484.709.1400, free of charge.