The purpose behind every contest, sweepstakes or instant-win game is to accomplish your brand’s specific marketing goals. That might be driving sales, gathering consumer preference data, acquiring users or building brand loyalty — but the success of any goal is dependent on your user experience, from registration to prize delivery.

Your inventory management and fulfillment process play a crucial role in delivering an unmatched user experience, as participants are eager to claim their prizes and stay up-to-date with swift, clear communication.

That’s why Realtime Media’s first-of-its-kind Winner Management Tool provides all the infrastructure needed to accurately run a centralized prize fulfillment for your promotion.

You can easily add and manage your inventory across prize types, quantities, and options. As users select prize options, the dynamic tool immediately adjusts the type and quantity still available to be claimed. And after tracking your prize inventory, our technology maps it back to the winners to create a 360-degree visibility into the status of users and their prizes.

In one seamless dashboard, you can see the status of each winner (claimed, pending or ineligible); the prizes that are claimed and available; the emails that have been sent or scheduled to each winner; and the fulfillment status and tracking number of each prize and winner.

As prizes are shipped, the tracking information is also uploaded and centralized, triggering a custom email to the recipient with the shipment details.

Say goodbye to the days of manually sending out tracking to hundreds of winners. Now, you can set the email template in the Winner Communications Manager to have them instantly delivered at the appropriate time.

This means you can provide the best customer experience to every winner, every time – and Realtime Media’s ability to help you with prize fulfillment management doesn’t stop there. We have a full team dedicated to helping you and your team successfully manage contest and sweepstakes prize fulfillment, including full service administration. We specialize in:

  • Prize Procurement & Warehousing
    We specialize in prize sourcing and procurement. With years of experience, we work with you to build out a prize pool that is right for your consumers.
  • Prize Packing & Shipping
    Our warehouse teams provide flexible capabilities around prize kitting and packing, working hard to make sure prizes arrive to winners on time.

We’d love to walk you through this breakthrough tool in a quick 30-minute demo. It will change the way you handle your digital promotions and manage your winners. Learn more about the benefits of Realtime Media’s Winner Management tool and see how it can impact your team today.