A sale begins when a consumer discovers your brand. Whether it’s through a discarded newspaper clipping or a calculated commercial strategically broadcast to target their specific demographic — they are now made aware that you exist.

The modern marketer understands that time-tested, tried-and-true methods of advertising worked in their day, but to move the modern consumer, they must use social media brand activation tactics.

When you acknowledge that a sale is more complex than A to B with C (your advertising efforts) in the middle, you can begin to approach things differently. Social media activation builds a strong brand relationship that bridges the distance between A and B until interaction is frictionless.

Your brand’s following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any one of a dozen other social platforms is the foundation on which you build engagement. Take your consumers from viewers to participants to loyal fans and you can drive otherwise indifferent people to champion your brand. There are different ways to go about this.

The Function of Social Media Brand Activation

Social media contests and sweepstakes are effective forms by which companies increase revenue and boost retention. A contest circulated through social media can reach your consumers where they’re comfortable in a way that catches and keeps their interest. And if it’s mobile, you can expect to see 8 times the average number of entrants.

The promise of a prize incentivizes users to interact with your company, leading social media activation to naturally occur. Through social media contests and sweepstakes, your followers enthusiastically share your content, retweeting, reblogging, and reposting amongst their own followers — each representing a network of new leads. Check out this blog post to learn more about social media contest platforms and their utility.

The key to strong social media brand activation rests in your content. As long as you produce material that your followers are eager to share, or have a stake in, your brand will benefit. Conversion is a result of engagement. It is not enough for a consumer to discover your company (through a newspaper clipping or commercial) and consider their options. Use social media as the hand you outstretch, and when they take it, shake it.

Trust Realtime Media to boost your social media activation. We offer solutions that drive authentic engagement, encouraging users to interact with your brand across all of their favorite social platforms. Our team applies reliable marketing methods with modern technology to reach consumers for maximum revenue, retention, and recall. Whether your plan involves Pinterest or a user-generated content contest on Instagram, Realtime Media is equipped to guide you to your goal. Contact us today.