Your brand can maximize the impacts of your next social media activation to engage your current customers and intrigue new ones. Integrating a user generated content (UGC) contest into the mix gets consumers talking and creates buzz online. Unlock the power of social media for your brand and energize your followers.

Tips to amp up your social media activation:

  1. Generate more hype with a contest: Normally, only a fraction of your customers might share your company's posts or use your hashtag. Encouraging your followers to participate but submitting an entry (photo or video) increases engagements and shares.
  2. Expand your reach by offering a prize: To take it to the next level, give away a prize to further incentive sharing. Awards or social media recognition increases shares. This really get your followers buzzing about your brand both on and offline.

How to do a social media contest wrong
Right now, your company's social media activation or contest might be missing the mark. Here why: Once a fan enters a picture or video into a UGC contest, your brand can capture those and use them to market your products but only if you have the right technology. Photos and videos from social media can be pulled into an online gallery. This creates an Instagram-like shopping/browsing experience.

How to do it right
A UGC contest can boost your social media activation and leave you with new and engaged fans. That's why partnering with the right team of professionals is important. Find a company that is dedicated, full service and experienced in the world of UGC and promotional marketing.

Choosing the wrong social media partner for your next campaign will leave you and your fans disappointed. However, the right company and the right UGC campaign will supercharge your social media activation and harness the power of your consumer's content.

Realtime Media can partner with your brand to boost your next social media activation. We work hard for your brand to create engaging promotions that engage your customers. Our team of experts can do as much or as little as you need. We’ve been in this business for over 20 years. We’re ready to power your next promotion with our cutting edge technology.