Drive Shopper Marketing with Digital Promotions

Shopper marketing is all about making an impression on your consumer. Today, the playing field is vast, offering tactics from both retail shopper marketing and mobile shopper marketing. Brands are constantly striving to provide intent of purchase and activate a specific behavior from the consumer. While there are many shopper marketing strategies to be utilized, Realtime Media sees greater effectiveness when shopper marketing campaigns are paired with digital promotions.

Incentivizing consumers to leave a review or purchase a product in-store drives measurable results. Digital promotions give traditional shopper marketing tactics measurable digital footprints. The data derived from consumers who opt in to promotions gives brands new, useful information about their audience, and has a low cost-per-acquisition for mailable prospects.

Shopper marketing examples that can be enhanced with digital promotions:

Couponing & Instant Win Games
Drive repeat engagement to your site by offering a daily coupon to those who play an instant win game such as a memory match, scratch card, or spin the wheel.

Sampling & Sweepstakes
Generate new leads and engage loyal user by having them register to receive a free sample of your product and be entered to win a sweepstakes.

SMS & Receipt Validation
Reach shoppers at a mobile touchpoint when they view your in-store placements by allowing them to quickly upload a receipt validation for a special offer.

Today, retailers are very purposeful when deciding on product placement. They want to make sure the consumer has an optimized, convenient, and exciting experience. Many brands strive to have their products placed in the "strike zone" or an area (usually at the end of the aisle) where shoppers slow down and pause. This space is usually reserved for promotions, thus, by combining shopper marketing tactics with promotions, you can maximize the impact of multiple different shopper marketing tactics at the same time.

Along with generating new product trials, increasing awareness, and justifying purchase intent, shopper marketing techniques paired with digital promotions allows brands to track new users and collect data to inform better marketing decisions.

Stay ahead of your competition and start integrating digital shopper marketing. Discover all the different shopper marketing solutions Realtime Media has to offer by getting in touch with us!