The most loyal fans are sports fans- hands down. Major sporting events tend to be the most watched television programs.

The NCAA stated that, “the 2017 NCAA Tournament was the most-watched in 24 years through the first Sunday, with an average of 9,325,000 million viewers

What does this mean?

It means, there is a huge window of opportunity for all your marketing and promotional needs. Even if your company is not anyway, shape, or form associated with sports, you can still capitalize on the tournament with giveaways and UGC campaigns.

Here’s how:

  1. Host a Giveaway
    A giveaway is useful for obtaining consumer information, such as emails and phone numbers. Not only are you getting emails for your marketing needs, but you are getting foot traffic to your website. Once people visit your website, maybe they will view products/services you’re selling, or maybe they will exit the page – either way, you get to see what people are thinking when they come to your site. A great way of tracking website data is to utilize a promotions agency, like Realtime Media, who does all the work, back-end and front-end, in-house.
  2. Start a UGC Campaign
    Did you know, 89% of people use their smartphones in addition to a second screen, while watching TV? This means creating a campaign around these big tournaments could be very beneficial. It could be very simple from hosting a campaign with a hashtag, or a UGC campaign could be more complex, with participants needing to submit a photo in their favorite basketball team’s apparel meanwhile using a specified hashtag and sharing the initial social post.
  3. Follow Rules and Guidelines
    Don’t land yourself on the opposite side of the court, make sure not to use the word “March Madness” as this is a trademarked term and could cause legal issues for any type of advertising, marketing, or promotion. Not only do you need to worry about using trademarked terms, but following regulations with prize fulfillment and contest rules with the FTC. Another way to avoid any legal issues with contests, giveaways, or promotions during the tournament is to utilize an agency like Realtime Media.

As the games are quickly approaching, don’t miss your chance to score big this tournament! Need something pushed out quick? Not a problem for Realtime Media, we create PromoPick promotion layouts available and ready to go within 5 days or less.