For marketers, we are living in an uncertain time. On top of an ever-changing media landscape, the attention of consumers’ has suddenly shifted almost entirely to digital. With stay-at-home orders extending through early June 2020 and shoppers growing apprehensive about rushing back to stores post-COVID-19, e-commerce is seeing huge growth. Maria Rua Aguete of Omidia said to Forbes, “Ecommerce will be the other sector that will see a revenue boost as a result of the pandemic, adding $175 billion in revenue in 2020, which represents a 5% increase.”

As a reaction, we have seen an increase in digital-first marketing strategies. However, the marketing model of reach times frequency remains the same. Now the same (if not more) brands are vying for consumer interaction. With the loss of a critical media channel for many brands, digital marketing tactics need an even sharper, stickier user experience; an experience that incentivizes them to participate and have a meaningful connection with the brand that ultimately drives purchase.

At Realtime Media, we help brands leverage digital promotions to boost engagement, motivate purchase, and drive impressions. As the Nation’s leading digital promotions company, offering quick-to-market digital promotions, we provide flexible options for digital sweepstakes, contests, giveaways, and instant win games.

Across all market segments and verticals, digital promotions are a great way to engage consumers. To learn more, here are a few ways that your brand can expand its digital marketing campaigns.

  1. Sweepstakes & Contest Promotions to Boost Social Engagement
    For retail and e-commerce businesses, social media provides essential targeting to convert impressions into direct e-commerce sales. But your social media strategy doesn’t have to be so polarized. Digital promotions provide an essential link between engagement and marketing acquisition.
  2. Maintaining Consumer Loyalty During a Pandemic
    COVID-19 has altered the lives of both companies and consumers. As stores across the globe shut down indefinitely, both parties were left searching for new ways to shop. While consumers make this shift to shopping entirely online, brands are tasked with finding new ways to engage their customers and retain hard earned consumer loyalty.
  3. SEE IT IN ACTION: Explore the"Countdown to Picnic Season"and see how you can drive repeat engagement with a sweepstakes & Giveaway
  4. Interacting With Consumers at HomeFor the foreseeable future, companies must be able to adapt to change, and boosting digital engagement is a pivotal pillar of this adaptation. The need for an engaged audience for B2C brands is essential in ensuring success. With almost all face to face interactions and in-person promotions being put on hold, a digital presence is now more vital than ever.
  5. Consumer Activation Tactics in a Digital Forward Market
    The ultimate goal for digital marketing is often to drive sales across both repeat and new consumers. With more marketers turning to digital-first strategies, standing out is all the more important. Explore how Instant Win, Receipt Validation, and Text-to-Enter can help you stand out.