Is your brand experiencing a lull? Have sales or engagement dropped? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Running a purchase to enter promotion can enable you to generate sales and incentivize purchase behavior within your consumer base. With decades of experience in digital promotions, Realtime Media offers complete legal compliance and administrative support for brands looking to run purchase to enter promotions across state, local, and federal laws – don’t worry, we’ll get more into this later! Just know we’re here to do the nitty gritty and can provide the legal expertise to help your team navigate a successful promotion.

To Purchase or Not to Purchase?

Unlike “no purchase necessary” promotions, purchase to enter promotions require consumers to buy a product to be eligible for a chance to win a prize. However, given the series of No Purchase Necessary Laws enacted to help ensure all promotions are executed fairly, brands are also required to include an Alternate Means of Entry (AMOE) for eligibility – meaning that not every entrant needs to make a purchase to be entered into the promotion given various government laws.

AMOE is often carried out via mail, with participants sending their registration information to the promotion administrator. These entries are then collected and entered into the promotion’s random winner drawing to create a fair chance of winning for all participants. To note, our dedicated in-house promotion experts are available to account for all AMOE entries to ensure full compliance with state and federal laws.

What Type of Purchase to Enter Promotion Should I Run?

If you’re asking yourself this question, purchase to enter promotions often work best as a sweepstakes or instant win game and can be viewed as an incentive for consumers to engage your brand or make a purchase. For example, for loyal or occasional shoppers, purchase to enter promotions are a great reason for them to return to shop, perhaps sooner than they might have otherwise. Further, for consumers who are on the fence or have never purchased a product from a brand before, the promotion may incentivize them to make a first-time purchase and elevate their perception of the brand.

If a brand chooses to do a sweepstakes promotion, making a purchase automatically gives consumers an entry (or entries) into the promotion. Brands also have the option to encourage repeat engagement by allowing consumers to earn multiple entries with additional purchases or for reaching spending levels. For example, for every $1 spent you get one (1) entry. Choosing to run a sweepstakes allows brands to quickly grow their customer-base by incentivizing engagement. Specifically, sweepstakes with great prizes can rapidly draw attention, bring in new users, build brand loyalty and drive sales.

For an instant win game promotion, making a purchase grants shoppers access to an online game of chance. Usually, brands will allow for multiple game plays to be earned with multiple purchases. By executing instant win games, brands can gain valuable customer registration data and in return provide rewards through gamification all while providing an enjoyable experience. For instant win games, Realtime Media has technology-based solutions to manage free game plays in accordance with No Purchase Necessary Laws.

The RTM Commitment

When it comes time to kick off the campaign, our team of promotions experts is committed to the success of your campaign. Both sweepstakes and instant win games offer value and benefits for brands looking to incentivize purchases from consumers. With years of experience in digital promotions and comprehensive support for winner management, fulfillment, and development services, we are happy to be your go-to resource for promotions that will develop and retain your brand’s audience.