The Path to Consistent Excellence

Realtime Media is among the very few full-service vendors with the capabilities to cover every component of digital promotions with excellence. Realtime Media offers a complete business solution in a partner that provides you guidance and support from start to finish.

We navigate the complexities of legal administration, winner management, and prize fulfillment while providing you with a clear process for each step. Some vendors might get one part of the promotion right, but then leave you with frustrated winners waiting for their promised prizes.

1. Legal Administration

Realtime Media’s in-house legal team is one of the most experienced legal teams across the promotions industry. Our dedicated legal experts will ensure that your promotion is fully compliant with state and federal laws. Here are some complex areas where our work is superior:

  • Complex Legal Landscape: The legal landscape for digital promotions varies widely by jurisdiction, including federal, state and even international laws. Legal expertise is needed to guarantee that you remain aware of all necessary regulations, along with any regulatory changes that may occur in the continually evolving digital landscape.
  • Clean and Clear Official Rules: The official rules for a promotion must be comprehensive, clear and legally sound. They will outline the parameters of your promotion and ensure quality, fairness, and proper disclosure of requirements.
  • State Bonding and Registration: Some jurisdictions require regulatory filings or the posting of bonds before a promotion can be launched. Managing these requirements can be time-consuming and requires specialized knowledge.

2. Winner Management

Today’s brand marketers coordinate a great deal of effort to prepare for a successful campaign or program launch. However, for participants, the most anticipated day of your promotion is the day winners are chosen. Realtime Media has a dedicated team and innovative technology which differentiates us from the competition. It is impossible to effectively handle winner management without this combination of an experienced team and state-of-the-art software.

Realtime Media’s Winner Management Services provide comprehensive winner management support in all critical areas. Here are some areas that we focus on and the obstacles that we solve:

  • Winner Selection: Winner selection is a complex process that must be fair, transparent, and compliant with the full set of promotion rules and legal regulations. This responsibility extends well beyond the end of your promotion with the requirement to field requests by consumers to receive winner lists.
  • Winner Notification Challenges: Efficiently notifying winners, managing their responses, and handling all necessary data collection and follow-ups can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. This can be particularly challenging when dealing with a large volume of winners across email, social, and phone while simultaneouslykeeping track of disqualified and alternate winners, especially if winners are unresponsive.
  • Verification and Fraud Prevention: Verifying the identity of winners and ensuring they meet all eligibility criteria is vital to prevent fraud and ensure fairness. Robust mechanisms need to be in place to verify information and detect fraudulent activities.
  • Data Security: It is important to maintain the privacy and security of winners’ personal information, in accordance with consumer data protection laws.
  • Administrative Support for Winners: Providing ongoing support to winners and promptly addressing their questions, along with tackling the timely resolution of any issues that arise during the prize claim process requires dedicated resources. Neglected winners or even a delay of one day can lead to agitated winners claiming your sweepstakes was fraudulent or unfair, leading to a public relations headache.

3. Prize Fulfillment

The range of prizes we have experience delivering to excited winners is extensive and ranges from global travel and luxury cars to high volume instant win “swag” prizes to digital and physical gift cards. Each type of prize has its own challenges and only a skilled team using specialized tools and processes can effectively handle the full range of options you may want to choose from.

At Realtime Media, we work to deliver prizes as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, while anticipating any potential trouble spots in procurement and fulfillment:

  • Logistical Challenges: It can be logistically daunting to coordinate the storage, handling and shipping of physical prizes across diverse geographic locations.
  • Inventory Management: Managing inventory, packing high volumes of prizes and ensuring that shipping services are both reliable and cost-effective, involves careful coordination and systemic planning.
  • Prize Delays: Consumers entering digital promotions are motivated by the possibility of winning an exciting prize. Consequently, delivery delays and lack of communication with winners lead to high levels of frustration and dissatisfaction. This negative experience undermines the effectiveness of your promotion and causes an erosion of consumer trust in your brand.


At Realtime Media, we have the infrastructure, expertise and processes to manage all aspects of promotion administration efficiently. We provide a full-service holistic solution for every component of digital promotions, with differentiating offerings in the critical areas of legal administration, winner management, and prize fulfillment.