Mother’s Day is quickly approaching! It’s time to start thinking about potential contests, sweepstakes and promotions.

Why market for Mother’s Day?

First, when you can capitalize on a topical event, like Mother’s Day, from a sales/marketing prospective, it’s a win-win.

Here’s why- Mother’s Day shoppers are expected to spend an average of $186.39 for the holiday, with totals up to $23.6 billion in revenue. So, why not try to implement a fun contest, sweepstakes or promotion to drive more traffic to your business for Mother’s Day?

We have curated a unique list of contest ideas, giveaways and potential prizes for your company to help celebrate all the moms out there:

1. Cruise, Trip of a Lifetime, or Getaway

Everyone needs a little time away from home. Allow people to enter more than once, by sharing the opportunity on social media and tagging three friends. You will drive more people to your social channels and website and the more shares the sweepstakes gets, the more people will be exposed to your brand.

2. Spa Day Sweepstakes

Offer a premium spa day for a prize. Who doesn’t like to be pampered? Mothers work hard and sometimes they need a nice, relaxing day to themselves. Make sure to include how much the spa package is, for example; Win Mom a Spa Day worth $450, sounds better than, Win a Spa Day for Mom. It makes your prize more transparent to the consumer.

3. Shopping Spree or Gift Card

A mother deserves to look and feel her best and there is nothing more satisfying than a new wardrobe! Again, make sure to disclose the total amount being offered on the gift card or shopping spree.

4. Show Tickets

In the entertainment industry? Make your Mother’s Day grand prize memorable with a Broadway show! Give her 2 tickets to her favorite Broadway show and allow her and the person of her choice to enjoy a night out.

5. Dinner and a Babysiter

Offer a grand prize at a nice steakhouse for 2, but don’t forget to provide a babysitter service in your giveaway, every mother needs a night off sometimes!

6. Food

Pair up with a food delivery service to give one special mom meals for a month! This is a great way to cross-pollinate databases and get new prospects on your email list.

7. Mommy & Me Photo Contest

Encourage mothers and their children to take and post a photo of their favorite Mother’s Day memory. You can encourage voting from their friends or family on the photos or have judges with set criteria select the final winners.

8. Wine

A glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away…. No really, wine is appreciated by most women, so offering a grand prize of giving a year’s supply of wine would really get people to enter your contest or sweepstakes. Have a set number of bottles to be delivered per month to ensure full transparency.

9. Best Video Surprising Mom with a Gift

Mom’s face when she opens her gift... priceless, catch her on video with this contest! Users can submit their mother’s reaction to her Mother’s Day gift- big, small or handcrafted. Allow users to vote on the best Mother’s Day gift reaction.

10. Dog/Cat Mom Photo Contest

Millennials are not having babies as soon and as much as the Baby Boomer generation did. Instead, they are adopting dogs and cats. This contest will not only encourage contestants to visit your website frequently, but you will also generate a lot of traffic to your website. A voting contest could encourage contestants to tell their friends to go to the website and vote, leading to more email and text message opt-ins, and overall, leads.

Any Sweepstakes, Contest or giveaway requires rules and regulations a company must follow, to be compliant with local, state and federal laws. One little mistake could turn your company’s fun promotion into a mess of legal fees. That’s why we’re here. Realtime Media is your one-stop-shop for any sweepstakes, contest, giveaway or promotion. Give us a call or get in touch anywhere on our website; we’re happy to talk promotions any time!