As mentioned time and time again, there is no doubt that the chance to win, and the prizes up for grabs, are one of the leading reasons that consumers enter digital promotions. There are several factors that all must come together in order to create a successful promotion. Often times prize strategy and fulfillment is often overlooked. Taking a closer look at how prize fulfillment services fit into your overall marketing strategy brands begin to uncover just how vital fulfillment is.

While “Prize Fulfillment” is typically used as a catch-all for all, the process of awarding prizes can be broken out into three distinct stages:

  • Strategy:
    Whether you’re putting together an instant win game, sweepstakes or contest prizing shouldn’t be overlooked. With decades of combined experience, our team can help you put together a prize pool that makes sense for your target audience AND budget.Gift cards v. checks? Experiential trips or lavish grand prize packages? We’ve got you covered.
  • Procurement Management
    Once you’ve decided what prizes you are looking to give away we’ll take care of the purchasing process so you don’t have to. Whether it’s supply chain management, prize intake and warehousing, or custom packaging and kitting, our in-house fulfillment team is capable of procuring and storing any prize.
  • Fulfillment
    The last step in awarding prizes and providing a seamless winner experience is sending and awarding prizes to winners. Whether the prizes are digital or physical it is important to understand what steps and processes must be followed to ensure that winners receive their prizes when they are expected to arrive.

At Realtime Media, we specialize in full-service support for digital promotions. With in-house teams providing comprehensive supper - from authoring official rules, to development, to real time promotion support, and more.

Our team is here to help your brand navigate the complexities of sweepstakes fulfillment and provide your consumers a flawless experience. As we have expanded our operation from 10,000 to 10,000,000 annual prizes shipped we have proven to be the industry leaders in providing a cost efficient and on-time prize fulfillment solution.

For more information on prize fulfillment and to learn about how Realtime Media can help you bring surprise and delight to your target audiences, check out the following:

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    A traditionally physical effort, in recent months we have seen prize fulfillment shifting towards digital means of delivery. By making the most of downloadable content and digital alternatives to gift cards your brand can create a more seamless user
  2. The Importance of Prize Fulfillment
    Prize fulfillment is complicated and managing all of the details can be complicated. From selecting the prizes to coordinating warehousing and shipping, there are countless decisions that need to be made before the prizes can even be sent out.

Case Study: Prizing Solutions for Any Promotion
Realtime Media has helped bring surprise and delight to millions of winners. Take a look at some of our more recent and exciting prize pools that we’ve fulfilled for Burger King, Maybelline, and New York & Company.

  1. Prize Fulfillment In the Context of Promotions
    Within the context of promotions, small tweaks to prize strategy can have incredible effects on performance and enrollment. Looking within the context of back-to-school promotions, take a look at how to easily expand your prize pool. By expanding your prize pool.
  2. Your Comprehensive Guide to Prize Fulfillment
    Interested in learning even more about prize fulfillment and what it means for digital promotions? Read through our Products & Services guide to learn, in-depth, about the ins and outs of fulfillment services.