In the ever-changing online landscape, digital marketing has become increasingly more important to driving brand awareness. Tactics often center around getting repeat engagement with the brand to facilitate consumer loyalty and bring back customers back for more. Instant win games and gamification promotions bring a user back time and again while delivering a unique customer experience.

Gamification is the process of incorporating game mechanics into the user experience. Brands use this to influence customer behaviors at any customer touch point, such as acquisition, retention, or ratings and reviews.

Through this incentive-driven exchange, consumers provide registration data in return for the opportunity to be rewarded through playing. These games trigger human emotions and engage consumers, leading to top-of-mind awareness, higher sales, increased retention, and customer loyalty.

By placing an instant win promotion at a specific consumer touch point and offering prizing, brands can create an incentive for their desired behavior. Whether it is in-app participation, repeating a purchase, or reviewing items, consumers will respond to the opportunity to win prizes through gameplay. Participation rates will rise and consumer behaviors will change in response to a new incentive to engage with the brand.

Short-term Gamification & Consumer Engagement

Instant win games are a great example of short-term gamification. The key to maintaining high consumer engagement is creating a short term experience while keeping the chance of winning close to the consumer. People are generally loss-averse, so creating a high percent win chance will lead to an increase in participation.

Instant win games provide the consumers with instant rewards, results, and gratification. This short term engagement leads to long term consumerism and will help grow your brand.

Realtime Media offers full service custom and turnkey instant win promotions. We have seen that campaigns with gamification drive 5 to 10 times more repeat visits than campaigns without.

With our PromoPick solution, we offer various types of instant win games:

  • Memory Match
  • 3 Card Flip
  • Spin to Win
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Click and Reveal
  • Scratch and Win
  • Tumbler

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With Realtime Media’s PromoPick Platform, our games can be customized and included in your promotion in as little as five days. Our customizable prize seeding helps you control the number and frequency prizes are awarded to make sure you stay within budget.. Prizes can be tiered to layer additional actions from your audience and offered daily or weekly to keep your users engaged.

In an Instant Win campaign we created with Ellio’s, customers were encouraged to buy a pizza to receive a unique code. With this code, customers were able to play an instant win game for the chance to win a coupon or a board game, as well as being entered in a larger Grand Prize Sweepstakes. The results of this campaign showed the game had over 6,000 plays and consumers re-purchased an average of two times.

Learn more about Instant Win Games and how they can help engage and retain consumers.

In-App Instant Win Promotions

Mobile applications increase consumer engagement and retention, but how can you make your app stand out? Using in-app instant win promotions is a great way to make your app stand out by creating a unique customer experience and driving in-app engagement.

In a campaign for 18Birdies, a golf application for mobile, we utilized instant win promotions to increase golfers engagement with the app. Players earned virtual currency by playing rounds of golf, using the app to track their stats, and rating golf courses. They were able to redeem ‘golf bucks’ for the chance to play instant win games, earn prizes, and be entered in a monthly sweepstakes.

Users were rewarded for doing what they love, effectively increasing engagement with the app and creating an interactive experience for the consumer. The app received 1 million downloads, a 25% social share and referral rate of the app, and 10,000+ game plays each day.


Gamification promotions and instant win games allow you to instantly reward your customers with prizes that boost repetitive actions and engagements. Incorporating instant win games into promotions capitalizes on excitement, fascination, and enjoyment to bring users back for more. Brands gain data and brand loyalty from consumers, while users have the opportunity to be rewarded with prizes and unique game play. With flexible support options and in-house teams for development, project management, consumer support, and fulfillment, Realtime Media is here to help launch your next instant win promotion.