People will always seek out new and exciting ways to communicate with each other. Social media is one of the fastest growing methods of communication. Brands are taking marketing efforts to the next step, utilizing one of the top engaging platforms- Instagram.

Modern brands have turned to Instagram as their go-to for engagement and for good reason. Here are two simple stats:

  • Instagram’s engagement rate is 15x that of Facebook
  • Instagram’s engagement rate is 20x that of Twitter

It makes sense. Visual content is a universal language. Though there are linguistic and cultural barriers to writing, a powerful picture can be appreciated by anyone, anywhere, any time. Add to that, the ease to hashtag, explore and share, giving you a potent formula for consumer bonding.

Instagram sweepstakes are trusted by brands on the foundation of their success. It’s in the numbers. Brands generate a 650% ROI for every dollar they invest in influencer marketing. And 74% of people state that peer-to-peer marketing is a key influencer in their purchasing decisions. Why?

Because they trust a friend’s opinion over a brand’s promise

A brand can promise that their product or service is the best — with a 100% guarantee! — but you’ve never met the brand. It doesn’t have a face. On Instagram, you interact with people that you know and trust. They don’t have the ulterior motive behind every altruistic slogan.

To avoid that image and approach the problem with the resources available, trust an Instagram sweepstakes. It’s less expensive than traditional advertising, more effective and most importantly — authentic. Why don’t more brands do it?

Well, it’s complicated. There are many moving parts to a sweepstakes. Add to those Instagram’s bylaws ,as well as, your specific state and federal regulations, prize fulfillment, winner affidavits, 1099 tax forms… The process can be daunting.

That’s why we have digital promotion companies. When reviewing your options, consider Realtime Media. We held the first Instagram contest ever run, with over 20 years’ experience in digital engagement. We’re trusted by General Electric, Walmart and Fender.

To read a little more about the details and particulars, check out this blog on sweepstakes law. For a consultation on Instagram sweepstakes, please call the number below, free of charge.