Receipt validation is a powerful way to boost engagement and registrations for your promotion, while capturing valuable data on in-store purchases of your product. Once validated, you have a confirmed digital profile you can begin to build and nurture based on buying customers. We work with an industry-leading platform partner to drive these mobile engagements and enrich your digital promotion through:

  • Capturing consumers and incentivizing them at point-of-purchase
  • Delivering incentivized online offers from an easy mobile touchpoint
  • Increased insights to consumer buying behaviors

Sweepstakes and UGC contests are a great way to invite your customers and fans to engage with your brand, and refer their friends as well. For more tips on launching a successful sweepstakes campaign and vetting sweepstakes vendors, check out this blog. We offer receipt validation on top of these promotions to turn otherwise “off-the-grid” consumer data into actionable insights. We make it easy for customers to enter a purchase-incentive campaign:

  1. Your consumer texts an image of their receipt
  2. Our partner platform validates the purchase of the product(s) for that promotion
  3. We create a blank profile and text the customer a registration link
  4. They click the registration link and complete their registration profile
  5. You can leverage this touchpoint in your CRM to incentivize future purchases

Receipt validation reaches buying consumers on the go, incentivizes them to text or upload their receipt, and has a low barrier and low time investment to enter.

Here’s a scenario: Your customer buys a product, texts their receipt, and receives a promo code. This code is redeemable for coupons and discounts. Not only do you now have impetus to send that first text, but you have follow through—a reason beyond the promotion to re-engage your consumer and influence their buying behavior.

When your promotion ends, you can use receipt validation data in aggregate to determine:

  • Total basket size
  • Purchase location
  • Top retailers that sell your product
  • Other brands purchased alongside your product

Realtime Media has partnered with the world’s most significant brands, helping them to run successful promotions through receipt validation best practices. To learn more about basic sweepstakes management, give this blog a read. Or call 484.709.1400 for a free consultation on what receipt validation can do for you.