Each year, every day, technology continues to advance. We find new and better ways to streamline our lives — ways to meet our goals. For many brands, these goals are to acquire, retain and engage consumers. In the past, brands have turned to a giveaway service. Presently, a modern giveaway service is their best option. Why? New technology.

The automobile, personal computers and television have simplified living. Geo-fencing, in-app integration and meme generators have simplified and driven deep engagement, bringing digital, trackable touchpoints closer to the consumer.


Recent innovations in GPS technology are creating new techniques by which to connect a consumer with your sweepstakes or contest promotion.

Through geo-fencing, GPS or short-wave wireless, consumers’ smartphones can communicate with a beacon, triggering a push notification. A brand can use their physical locations to reach their target when — and where — it’s relevant.

In-App Integration

In-app integration brings your promotion to your consumer at their convenience. Your promotion exists natively within your existing app — no update necessary — driving re-engagement and extending average session time and duration.

Comfortably, your consumer can access and interact with your sweepstakes or contest with the push of a button. This advance in giveaway service technology has made participation easier for both the customer and brand.

Meme Generator

Surf the web for an hour and you’ll find at least a dozen memes. They’re a vehicle for the latest social trends. With a meme generator in your sweepstakes or contest, they accelerate how people communicate your promotion while adding a little extra fun.

Freeing your participants’ creativity, captioned photos of brand-relevant content can spread rapidly across popular social media platforms.

Realtime Media has implemented these services into giveaways we’ve run, with success. Through geo-fencing, in-app integration and meme generators, we’ve continued to pioneer digital promotions on the cutting edge, at the lowest cost.

To read about other advances in our industry, check out this blog on receipt validation. To learn more about how a modern giveaway service can help you acquire, retain and engage, contact 484.709.1400 for a consultation, free of charge.