If you’re wondering how to create or run a sweepstakes, it is helpful to seek the service of a sweepstakes company. When it comes to sweepstakes and contest administration, a sweepstakes management company takes care of all the details so you don’t have to. By providing a full-service solution to digital promotions, a sweepstakes agency covers all aspects of the promotion to support your marketing goals and ensure a successful launch.

Behind every successful digital promotion is a focus on three core areas: development, legal administration, and prize fulfillment. The best sweepstakes company can utilize its expertise to fulfill all aspects of the promotion and deliver a seamless experience.

There are three core components that make up a successful campaign. With the help of a sweepstakes administration company, you can ensure all aspects of your campaign are taken care of:

Sweepstakes Legal Administration

Sweepstakes laws and regulations are at the core of every promotion. A sweepstakes administrator can help you meet legal requirements and help assist in the authoring of official sweepstakes rules.

Registration and bonding can be a tricky part of running a sweepstakes due to state-by-state variance based on prize value. This makes it common for brands to avoid certain states by excluding consumers in those areas from participating. A sweepstakes legal administrator ensures that your promotion has a national reach without excluding states.

As a one-stop-shop for legal coverage, compliance, and rules administration, Realtime Media will help your brand navigate the complications of state-by-state legal requirements. We provide in-house legal support for sweepstakes, contests, instant win games, and consumer rewards campaigns, making it easy to protect your brand.

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Sweepstakes, Contests, and Promotions Development

As a full-service sweepstakes management company we make launching a sweepstakes as easy as possible. With full-stack development handled 100% in house, we help enable powerful data collection and consumer registration for digital promotions. With decades of experience, part of our job as a sweepstakes vendor is to guide your brand in selecting the best avenue and add-ons to accomplish your goals.

At Realtime Media we help you build and develop your digital promotions campaign. With help the world’s biggest brands handle sweepstakes, contests, instant win games, and consumer rewards campaigns from start to finish. Our PromoPick™ Platform is a full-service solution to launch your digital promotions with speed and flexibility.

“PromoPick™ has long been the leading full-service solution for quick-to-market digital promotions at a great price value,” said Robert Bernstock, President & CEO, Realtime Media. With our PromoPick™ Platform, we help you build your promotion in three easy steps, always pushing the boundaries of digital promotion technology and keeping flexibility in mind.

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Sweepstakes and Contest Prize Strategy & Fulfillment

Generally speaking, sweepstakes fulfillment companies offer more than just prize fulfillment services. From bonding and registration to shipping and handling, to winner administration, a prize fulfillment agency can provide complete contest and sweepstakes fulfillment admin to guarantee your consumers a seamless experience.

At Realtime Media, we help with prize strategy and winner management to construct the best winner experience. We can help you develop a worthwhile prize pool while also handling the fulfillment and shipping of prizes. Realtime Media covers aspects from timelines and logistics of procurement to trip coordination, providing every service needed to support your contest or sweepstakes.

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