The landing page for a contest or sweepstakes should be a clean, straightforward design that’s both immersive and effective. As the user’s first touchpoint with the promotion, it’s important to quickly capture their attention with engaging imagery and clear next steps to guide them through participation.

A brand’s strategic goals — from activating sales to building loyalty and educating consumers — should also dictate the design of the microsite. Realtime Media’s turnkey PromoPick platform allows brands to extend the design of their landing page, utilizing flexible layouts and modules to quickly create a custom-tailored look at an affordable price point.

Three ways that our content modules can enhance your promotion's landing page and deliver on specific marketing goals:

Goal: Support a Product Launch

A sweepstakes or contest is an excellent way to invite customers into a deeper engagement with your new products. A promotion’s microsite and related emails allow you to showcase information and imagery about the new products with an already-invested audience.

In fact, this is the most common reason that clients opt to add content modules to their landing pages. These modules are fully customizable, with space for high-impact imagery, descriptions and links for users to directly shop the new line.

Worried that participants might miss some of this information in their eagerness to register? We can feature those content modules again on the thank-you page, following registration, for additional exposure and awareness.

Goal: Showcase Prizing

Content modules can also be a great method of showcasing your promotion’s prizes in high-visibility areas. Landing pages are designed to catch the attention of visitors and welcome participation in the promotion. By highlighting prizes in a content module, you can create a stronger connection between the prize and the promotion, making it more enticing for potential participants.

RTM’s content modules can also be easily updated and customized to reflect changes to the promotion. So if your prize pool needs to be modified, we can quickly and easily adjust the modules as needed.

Goal: Raise Awareness around Company Initiatives

Promotions are a strategic way to educate key audiences on your brand priorities or company initiatives. With a sweepstakes or contest, participants willingly offer something of value — such as their time and information — for the chance to win an exciting prize. Brands often capitalize on this intentional engagement to share important information about the company, and this is where additional modules can be added to the landing page to display as much content as needed.

One of our CPG clients recently ran a promotion tied to their commitment to producing every product — from ingredients to packaging — sustainably. They chose to share details about their process and commitment right below the email capture form on the landing page and repeat that information on the registration thank-you page for maximum visibility.

PromoPick gives clients the ability to customize all aspects of the design and functionality of a promotion — along with our professional development, legal compliance and project management services to launch your contest or sweepstakes.

The wide flexibility of our layouts and add-on modules empower clients to build their own landing page for a cost-effective deployment. For clients who would rather have us handle all the details, we’re happy to offer custom development and full creative services to bring your vision — and strategy — to life.