It is no secret that COVID-19 has changed the marketing landscape and shifted promotional strategies for companies. Business shutdowns, school closings, and stay-at-home orders extended into June have left consumers and companies wondering when life will return to normalcy. The truth is we need to be prepared for this to be our “normal.”

For the foreseeable future, companies must be able to adapt to this change, and boosting digital engagement is a pivotal pillar of this adaptation. The need for an engaged audience for B2C brands is essential in ensuring success. With almost all face to face interactions and in-person promotions being put on hold, a digital presence is now more vital than ever.

In the days ahead, companies will search for new ways to digitally engage consumers while increasing consumer acquisition. At Realtime Media we specialize in digital engagement. Through leveraging digital promotions, incentivizing purchase and creating meaningful interactions we help your brand craft creative opportunities through digital promotions. These suggestions can keep consumers engaged, drive new traffic, and ensure the success of your brand amid this pandemic.

As we look for alternative ways to generate interaction with consumers one simple solution is to provide your audience with relevant content. Planning out marketing communications through a content calendar is an optimal way to make sure you're providing your audience with frequent interaction. Plus, it allows you to plan other marketing efforts in the future. You can centralize posts around upcoming digital promotions in the future and produce excitement and awareness of the giveaway, sweepstake, or contest.

Creating a blog or updating your current blog more frequently is a creative way to keep your audience engaged with your brand. Consistent content and engaging topics will create meaningful relationships with consumers and yield more traffic to your website and products. Remember, people are at home eager and bored. Blog posts can serve as a means of communication with your audience amid this pandemic. It gives your loyal audience a way to interact with your brand.

Staying active on social media and consistently producing content is another way to keep your audience engaged while unleashing your brand’s creative side. It allows for a unique interaction with your audience through personalized content designed around your brand. By using owned channels to engage consumers and increase interaction you open up more opportunities for your brand to run a successful digital promotion.

Unleashing Your Digital Marketing Potential

At Realtime Media we specialize in digital promotions and understand the impact a successful digital promotion can have on boosting new customer acquisition, incentivizing purchase, and creating an engaging experience for your brand. Digital promotions have never had a stronger role in marketing efforts as they do now. Companies that have relied on in-person promotions in the past, look to open the door for this marketing avenue.

As brands venture down this “new” marketing strategy, they might not know where to begin or how to effectively run a digital promotion. Realtime Media is here to help. Our experience in sweepstakes, UGC, contests, and instant-win games can help guide you in putting together a successful digital promotion. We also offer comprehensive legal administration support and in-house fulfillment services.

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Digital promotions can unleash the meaningful interaction you have been hoping to have with consumers. It can salvage the personal relationship between business and consumer that companies are missing due to the quarantine order. These digital promotions can prove to keep your audience engaged and excited, all through the excitement of a winning prize.


Create an engaging experience for your brand with a sweepstakes. Encourage purchases and grow your database.


Instantly reward your customers with smaller prizes that boost repetitive actions and engagements

User Generated Contests

Activate your social media audiences, broaden your reach and boost user generated content with a social campaign


As the pandemic carries on, the uncertainty of re-openings has shifted marketing strategies. B2B and B2C companies need to make consumer engagement a priority. Digital engagement is now more prevalent than ever, but should not only serve as a pandemic fill-in. Digital engagement strategies can provide a long-term value beyond when things come back to normalcy. Creating a stronger digital engagement with your consumers can open more opportunities of commerce and ensure your ability to adapt in the case of another pandemic.