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Rules & Administration

Official Rules & Bonding and Registration for Contests and Sweepstakes

Official Rules & Promotion Administration

Running a promotion is more than just a streamlined user experience and great prizes. There are online sweepstakes laws, regulations, guidelines, and best practices at the local, state and federal levels. Not sure if you should bond and register with certain states? What about winner’s list reporting? Or what’s that thing you heard about winner affidavit paperwork? Don’t think twice. RTM’s Promotion Administration team has successfully administered and written the official rules for tens of thousands of promotions. Literally. Not only are we experts in developing and implementing promotions, we’re also experts at making sure they are 100% legal and compliant.


We’ve Got You Covered

When it comes to promotion administration, our legal experts will guide you through
every step of the administration process and handle the heavy lifting for you:

  • To successfully launch a campaign:
  • We review your promotion concept up front to make sure there are no red flags
  • We take a second look at the prizes and determine what paperwork is needed
  • We write the full official rules and abbreviated rules to govern your promotion (Yes, that includes sweepstakes rules, contest rules, loyalty program rules, terms and conditions, you name it)
  • If needed, we submit the official rules for state bonding and registration
  • If we’re going global, we consult with international legal counsel and handle international filings
  • If needed, we set up a free alternate method of entry via mail-in or online
  • Once your campaign ends:
  • We implement a sweepstakes drawing to select winners or judge all entries to pick a contest winner (with your input, of course!)
  • We handle winner notification and confirmation
  • If someone wins a prize valued $600 or more, we work with the winner to complete and process affidavit paperwork and IRS forms
  • We maintain the winner’s list and process any winner’s list or rules requests
  • If needed, we can obtain affidavits of eligibility, publicity/liability releases, and background checks
  • We can handle every aspect of prize procurement and fulfillment