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Consumer Rewards: How do they work?

Consumer Rewards campaigns center around the consumer purchase. With a consumer rewards campaign, you can engage users post-sale by providing rewards when customers verify their purchasesThese receipt and code-based rewards activate consumers and drive sales. 

There are two key ways to validate a shopper’s purchase and make sure it is eligible for promotional entry. 

  • Receipt Validation 
  • In-Pack Promotions 

Receipt Validation 

Receipt validation leverages receipts to confirm user purchase and incentivize purchase behavior. Consumers submit an image of their receipt through an SMS text message or upload to validate their purchase. By validating their receipt, consumers receive access to promotions or exclusive deals, such as coupons or entries to a sweepstakes promotion. Receipt validation encourages consumers to make another purchase to gain more rewards, therefore returning to the brand and maintaining consumer loyalty. 

In-Pack Promotions 

In-pack promotions engage users after the point of sale. Consumers enter unique codes found on the inside of specially marked packaging through either text-to-enter or a microsite entry. This allows consumers to receive access to promotions and exclusive deals after purchase. In-pack promotions encourage product-specific purchases to gain rewards, increasing sales and brand loyalty.