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Consumer Rewards: How do they work?

Consumer Rewards campaigns center around the consumer purchase. With a consumer rewards campaign, you can engage users post-sale by providing rewards when customers verify their purchasesThese receipt and code-based rewards activate consumers and drive sales. 

There are two key ways to validate a shopper’s purchase and make sure it is eligible for promotional entry. 

  • Receipt Validation 
  • In-Pack Promotions 

Receipt Validation 

Receipt validation leverages receipts to confirm user purchase and incentivize purchase behavior. Consumers submit an image of their receipt through an SMS text message or upload to validate their purchase. By validating their receipt, consumers receive access to promotions or exclusive deals, such as coupons or entries to a sweepstakes promotion. Receipt validation encourages consumers to make another purchase to gain more rewards, therefore returning to the brand and maintaining consumer loyalty. 

In-Pack Promotions 

In-pack promotions engage users after the point of sale. Consumers enter unique codes found on the inside of specially marked packaging through either text-to-enter or a microsite entry. This allows consumers to receive access to promotions and exclusive deals after purchase. In-pack promotions encourage product-specific purchases to gain rewards, increasing sales and brand loyalty. 

Consumer Rewards Technology

Consumer Rewards Technology

Consumer Rewards campaigns revolve around the purchase. It’s important to make sure that your campaign is backed by the technology to make sure those purchases count. 

There are several ways that your brand can make sure that each shopper purchase is verified and eligible for promotional entry. Both of our consumer rewards promotions are backed by industry leading technology including: 

Dependable Code Generation

At the core of in-pack promotions are unique registration codes. Our code back-end technology is capable of reading and verifying thousands of unique registration codes. 

SMS & MMS Technology 

Go above and beyond traditional SMS campaigns with MMS enabled text-to-enter. Our text-to-enter engine accepts both SMS and MMS (multi-media) messages allowing for even more mobile engagement. No apps or third-party programs required. 

Powerful Receipt Validation Engine 

Allow your customer to shop at whatever store they choose and still have the ability to verify their purchases. Our industry leading receipt validation network can recognize receipts and purchases across multiple stores. 

Secure Data Transfers, Every Time 

Your consumer’s data is always transmitted at 256-bit SSL encryption and encrypted at rest. Paired with our top-of-the-line bot protection, your contest will be protected from fraud and data breach.

Consumer Rewards Benefits

Consumer Rewards Benefits

Create lifelong consumers from your initial promotion by using it to kick off a consumer-brand relationship. Your consumer rewards campaign is a way to introduce shoppers to your product and show you’re invested in their product experience. 

Launching a Consumer Rewards campaign is a great way to engage consumers in-store and after purchase. They give your brand the chance to incentivize re-purchase and spark consumer interaction all from the shelf.  

In recent years, consumer rewards campaigns have transitioned from a predominantly in-aisle application to a digital landscape. By providing your consumers an easy means of entry, consumer rewards promotions act as a great way to engage consumer both in-store and online. 

There are several different applications of digital shopper marketing, such as:

Lead Generation 

Consumer Rewards campaigns generate high levels of engagement. Use heightened engagement to convert shoppers into consumers by collecting basic lead data upon promotion registration. 

Influence Purchase Decisions 

By including an expansive prizing, shoppers are incentivized to participate in your promotion. If a consumer feels like their chance of winning is accessible, then their purchase decision is likely swayed on their ability to win. 

Spark Digital Interaction 

Initiate digital interaction by funneling in-store traffic online. Surround your digital promotion with engaging content that converts physical consumers into digital followers. 

Promote Consumer-Brand Relationships 

Expanding your brand footprint outside of the aisle creates more touchpoints for consumer engagement. 

Consumer Rewards Examples

Consumer Rewards Examples

Explore our past campaigns to see how consumer rewards have boosted our client’s objectives: 

Receipt Validation: 

Realtime Media has helped dozens of brands implement receipt validation promotions. Notably, we worked with Garnier on their Earth Day Campaign, where customers were encouraged to upload an image of their receipt for the chance to earn a coupon applicable towards their net purchase. This campaign resulted in over 2,500 receipts scanned from 29 unique retailers. 

Learn more about Garnier’s Earth Day Campaign. 

In Pack Promotions: 

Realtime Media worked with Cheerios and Walmart to bring an In-Pack Promotion campaign to life. Cheerios was able to promote their consumer brand relationship through a share with a friend campaign 

Once purchased, consumers could use their coupon codes to not only get a free box of cheerios, but also “Give the Gift of Cheerios” and send a digital coupon to a friend or family member to redeem a box of their own. This campaign saw a 95% code redemption rate, where 95% of the codes sent to winners were accepted and used. 

This campaign pushed for mobile usage, leading to 40% of unique code registration through mobileIt’s important to reach customers where they’re at in-store with a promotion that is easy enough to do from a phone. 

Learn more about Walmart & General Mill’s Give The Gift of Cheerios Campaign. 

Consumer Rewards: How do they work?