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User-Generated Content Campaigns

Interact and Engage with Your Fans

UGC programs invite your consumers to create and become a part of your brand. By submitting an original photo, video, story or piece of content, fans are telling your brand’s story through their own experiences. These campaigns allow you to create social buzz, build relationships with fans, and capture content for a more authentic brand image.

Do you know what kind of content you want to capture, but not sure how to motivate your fans to engage? Let us help you take a big concept and develop it into a captivating reality. This could be a multi-phase contest with voting or a simple hashtag sweepstakes and gallery.

Tourist taking a picture on Umeda Sky Building in Osaka Jaapan

UGC Campaign Options

Capture the right type of content for your brand and your goals, and reward consumers in a way that makes sense:

  • icon Sweepstakes

    Randomly award winners simply for submitting content

  • icon Contest

    We’re talking skill-based; choose the winner based on submission criteria, like the most creative recipe, the best product design, or the funniest

  • icon Caption Contest

    Low barrier to entry; motivate fans to interact with branded photos or videos without having to submit anything too personal

  • icon Voting

    Encourage users to vote on brand or UGC content to pick their favorite, or get to the top of the leaderboard with the most tweets, posts, or votes.

Admin Tool & Rights Management Platform

Getting users to upload, hashtag and submit content is great, but then what do you do with it? For all of our UGC campaign options, submitted content gets pulled into RTM’s Admin Tool where you can review, screen and moderate the content that will appear in the interactive campaign gallery. You can tag submissions, separate categorized entries, judge winners and export everything for future use.

Our Admin Tool is password protected to keep your UGC entries secure, and allows for different user logins and screening levels, so you can control who has the final say to approve entries and who doesn’t (sorry, interns). Better yet, if your team doesn’t have the bandwidth to review and screen submissions, RTM’s team can do it for you based on criteria that you define.

After users submit content via hashtag, do you want them to receive a reply from your brand? We can handle that through our Rights Management and Automated Replies platform. We’ll set up the response so that when a user submits a photo on Instagram, they’ll get a comment from your brand telling them how much you love it and to check it out in the campaign gallery. Or, if someone Tweets to vote in your contest, they’ll get a tweet back from your brand thanking them for participating and a link to check out the campaign leaderboard. Now that’s a win, win.