User Generated Content Engages Consumers with Your Brand

Enable Fans to Market for You


A great UGC campaign always starts with a big idea

Tap into our powerful UGC platform and over 20 years of experience. We’ll help grow your idea and set up your next (or first!) user-generated content campaign.

Our UGC platform makes it easy to shape your curated content:
  • Collect content from top social networks
  • Screen content before pushing live to a gallery
  • Request rights for using submitted images for marketing
We take care of every detail & launch your UGC campaign:
  • Creative Services
  • Web Development and Hosting
  • Full Official Rules & Sweepstakes Administration
  • Complete setup and access to content approval tool

Our UGC platform allows you to easily:

  • 1Collect entries from
    top social networks
  • 2Approve selected
  • 3Send approved entries to a gallery on your site or landing page
  • 4Ask for user permission to use their content in your marketing

Curate UGC Content that Captivates

User generated content tells your brand’s story through your consumer’s eyes.

Drive down costly marketing efforts and maximize impact by using UGC content in your marketing. These campaigns allow you to create social buzz, build relationships with fans, and capture content for a more authentic brand image.


Instagram and Facebook promoted posts
receive over 2 times the click through rate performance.

user generated content

We’ve got some user generated content campaign ideas you can use to get your promotion off the ground.

Campaign Options Include:


Users upload content on-site or via hashtag. They are awarded entries for uploading and a winner is randomly selected to win.


Fans participate in a contest where they aim to meet judging criteria for “funniest post” or “most creative recipe”.

Caption Contest

Providing the lowest barrier to entry, we can build an experience for your users to select a pre-determined (or uploaded) image and create a caption that can be voted on to determine the winner.


Rather than a random winner being selected or having judging criteria, involve fans in the process of picking the winner, and they can see results live on a leaderboard.

Dedicated to your campaign‘s success

Project Managers

Each campaign comes with a sweepstakes Project Manager who will handle every detail of the campaign for you!
  • Creating timelines
  • Securing resources
  • Weekly meetings / daily updates
  • Handling winner outreach, 1099’s, Bonding & Registering, etc.
  • Scheduling any needed calls with Creative, Development, Legal or Project Teams
  • Contact your project manager at any time with questions you may have.

Live Data, Actionable Results

Let the End Define the Means

  • Live Data Dasboard
    Review real-time 24/7 analytics
  • Day over Day Metrics
    A daily email is sent to any team members you want detailing the prior day’s results
  • End of Promotion Report
    A 30 to 60 minute presentation given by a member of our Business Intelligence Team that details the results of the campaign, insights, performance based on industry trends, etc.

Choose Your Build

Flexible offerings that fit your timeline & budget, while still handling every detail.