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Entries and shares are great, but how are they moving the needle? Realtime Media provides actionable data on a daily basis with the key metrics that matter to you. We also provide a full end-of-campaign analysis to help those insights come to life and work for you. We’ll even help integrate the data with your existing reporting and we can place your tracking and SEO tags within the promotion to tie these results into your overall marketing strategy.



We track every unique entry that is acquired through your campaign. We not only gather the information, but we organize it in a way that adds value to your brand. This highly detailed data creates a more complete user profile. Our proprietary tracking system locates the source of all registrations to determine the platforms that worked best for your campaign. With this information, our campaign strategists can easily see what channels most effectively drove acquisition.


Our team analyzes how a user interacts with your campaign via real-time data, compiling the time users spend on site, extent of digital shares, daily averages of entrants and instant win plays and much more. All of this information is aggregated, organized and analyzed for a crystal clear overview of campaign performance. We’re capable of tracking and reporting on a vast amount of useful engagement metrics that in turn supply our clients with superior campaign insights.


It’s nearly impossible to put a price on the value of customer loyalty. If your current loyalty strategy is not attaining the proper metrics, running a promotional campaign will assist in tracking customer behavior. Our analytics capture interactions with high value customers, purchased based actions, email opens and click rates to reveal critical information on user preference.

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Whether you’re looking for new insights into customer habits or need to determine the best way to run your next promotion, we can help you reach your target audience with a greater level of clarity.


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