kleenexPromoPick UGC Sweepstakes Case Study

Kleenex, tissue brand of Kimberly-Clark, has a commitment to a sustainable business model that enforces a positive environmental and social impact. With various social initiatives in place, the Kleenex/Kimberly-Clark team makes a compelling argument that there really is no such thing as waste. Their zero waste mindset has already reduced waste intensity by 17% and landfill materials by a whopping 67% in the last six years alone. Beyond their social impact, the Kleenex brand has a steady digital presence. Currently consumers are given the opportunity to share their most intimate and tear jerking moments with the hashtag #Kleenexmoment.

The goal was to drive sales and brand loyalty for Kleenex tissues around the ever popular “Back to School” shopping time. A powerful user generated content (UGC) would be needed to get the word out give consumers the opportunity to engage with the brand.


In working with Kimberly-Clark’s agency, Geometry Global, PromoPick was used to create a UGC experience where users were asked to enter a sweepstakes by uploading a photo of them holding a Kleenex tissue box. Consumers could upload photos directly to the website or use two hashtags and share via social media, including Twitter and Instagram.


PromoPick’s social aggregation tool then captured all of the social shares using the campaign hashtags, placed the photos into an administration tool for the brand to approve and then the images were displayed in a gallery for the world to see.

Kleenex saw the power in numbers with this social UGC sweepstakes. Consumers responded with hashtags across multiple social media platforms giving the brand an incredible opportunity to harness that engagement. Submissions and interactions translated into a wildly successful promotion, and as a result, site traffic and registration jumped up considerably.

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