Cross Channel Activation

The competition can get tough. Getting ahead and staying ahead means constantly incentivizing your target audience
to take specific action in-store and online. Building a sound loyalty program can reward customers with in-store purchases.
Social activation programs use earned media tactics to drive engagement, referrals and result in long-term profitability.
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True to your core

Your products should be talked about. RTM has distinguished promotions that emphasize the individuality of your customer base. Retailers specifically enjoy loyalty programs, such as receipt validation and unique code generation, that capture information on which products your customers buy and interact with. Within each promotion, RTM will facilitate the strategy design, user experience, as well as rewards structure,
redemption & fulfillment.


We’ve worked with leaders of the retail industry for over 20 years—from small business to Fortune 500 shops. Our clients all have a diverse set of unique needs that we’ve been happy to meet. We’ve run successful campaigns across the local, national and international scale.


As a Retailer, the ability to predict consumer shopping habits is critical to strengthening your marketing strategy. Leveraging the PromoPick platform, your campaign can be live within 5-7 days and can be easily integrated with current marketing strategy. We have the unique capability to capture useful, detailed consumer data through innovative quizzes, sweepstakes and contests while providing a memorable experience. We’ll provide reliable profile data to help better inform future marketing decisions and highlight customer habits and needs.

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Retailer benefits

Realtime Media retailers experience:

Product based campaigns

  • . Run a receipt validation or loyalty campaign as an incentive to drive purchases from in-market users

Recommended Solutions

  • . Expert guidance in formulating profitable promotion and offer decisions. This ranges from prizes,
    price points, destinations and more

Custom implementation

  • . Proven track record working with national and regional retailers, creating hand tailored promotional solutions

Legal Compliance

  • . Assure that everything is legally compliant including writing the official rules, bonding, registration andwinner affidavits

Project Support

  • . Each campaign has a dedicated project manager
    to help you execute on time and on budget

Security assurance

  • . PII security, unlimited scalability and client integration

Cost Effectiveness

  • . Save time and money on implementation

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