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Over the years, Realtime Media has been a trusted partner to several Fortune 500 brands. We have a long-standing track record of innovation and now, our leading product, PromoPick, is the strongest it’s ever been.

For all marketers

Support a wide array of business objectives and KPIs, including reach, awareness, engagement, conversion and loyalty. Promotional marketing can be used in nearly every marketing channel; digital, brand, e-commerce, social, email, advertising, integrated marketing and more.

dollars and sense

PromoPick gives brand marketers the flexibility and value they need to run a cost-effective promotion, while we do all the work. This gives brand marketing teams of all sizes the time and flexibility to keep working on their
marketing initiatives.

PromoPick for brands

The PromoPick platform gives you the speed, flexibility and freedom to take control of an engaging campaign. Integrating promotions into your marketing strategy is the organic way to bridge consumer engagement with your brand. Your promotion can be up and running in a matter of just a few days and our development team is always ready to help you customize your promotion to your brand’s identity.

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Realtime Media Brand Partners Experience:


  • . With PromoPick you have the freedom to create, change, or edit your promotions on your own time

Project Support

  • . Each campaign has a dedicated project manager
    to help you execute on time and on budget

Incentivized Social Sharing

  • . No one knows your customer base better than you do—let’s give them something to talk about!

Analytics and Reporting

  • . Monitor campaign performance throughout
    the entire lifecycle of your promotion

Legal Compliance

  • . Assure that everything is legally compliant including
    writing the official rules, bonding, registration and
    winner affidavits

Security assurance

  • . PII security, unlimited scalability and client integration

Cost Effectiveness

  • . Save time and money on implementation


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