Digital Shopper Marketing Driven by Digital Promotions

We’re a full-service and cost-effective digital promotions company powering innovative Shopper Marketing strategies.

We specialize in activating consumers, driving them to take action and participating in your in-store promotion. Shopper marketing campaigns take planning and engagement to drive measurable results. Check out our shopper marketing blog post to learn more!

Shopper Marketing Strategies that stay at the forefront of digital engagement.

Capture shoppers’ attention and further engage by adding a digital promotion to your next shopper marketing campaign. Best of all, we provide full legal administration, and a dedicated Project Manager to handle every detail – big or small.

Ratings & Reviews

The vast majority of consumers online rely on product reviews to decide whether to convert or not. Incentivize your shoppers to leave a review for a chance to win a prize, boosting your product’s credibility and purchase rate.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

Empower consumers to market for you by utilizing UGC promotions in your next shopper marketing strategy.

With our user-generated content platform, you can increase brand awarenes, drive shopper engagement instantly, and even feature product links in the expanded gallery.

SMS In-Store Sweepstakes    

By pairing SMS shopper marketing strategies with digital sweepstakes, you are able to engage with your shoppers in-store. This maps in-store activity to digital touchpoints, giving you a full picture of your consumers.

Product Sampling

Encourage shoppers to try your product by offering samples together with a digital promotion.

Generate word of mouth marketing and increase sales by incentivizing purchase with a digital coupon.

Receipt Validation   

Offer convenience to shoppers by allowing them to upload their receipt via mobile device while in-store to receive a special promotion. Generate new leads and increase your CRM database with loyal consumers instantly.

Launch Engaging Campaigns
with our Digital Shopper Marketing Solutions

Generate word of mouth marketing and buzz by combining Shopper Marketing tactics with contests and sweepstakes.

Success Stories

We are continually impressed by the level of service that you provide. We can always count on your team for a successful project and quick response when we are in a crunch.

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