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Registrant Services

Winner Drawing – For Sweepstakes – Central to every sweepstakes promotion is the random winner drawing(s). Realtime Media has pre-built programs and protocol to make sure that every promotional registrant has an equal and fair chance at winner as per your promotion’s rules. Before any winner drawing takes place we scrub every entry-list for duplicates, scripted & bot entries and invalid registrations. From there Realtime Media will randomly draw all necessary winners from the finalized entry list.

Winner Outreach, Verification & Affidavit – Ensure that all prizes go valid, eligible winners. Especially for high-value and experiential prizes, Realtime Media recommends (and will administer) background state and federal level background checks on all winners to check for criminal record* and any other outstanding articles. Additionally, Realtime Media conducts all winner outreach and affidavit, notifying registrants of their winner-status, arranging prize delivery and coordinating tax forms

*Criminal record, if disclosed and non-outstanding, does not necessarily disqualify a registrant from winning.

Promotional Support – User experience is not only important to the consumer, but should be just as important to you and your brand. With every promotion we help administer, full e-mail coverage is included as a means of promotional support. From promotional launch through the end of prize fulfillment, our team of dedicated project managers and fulfillment specialists are there to answer and user questions and help with any problems that may occur. Whether users are having trouble registering for the promotion or have questions about fulfillment or winner statuses, we answer it all so your brand doesn’t have to.

Content Moderation & Judging – For User Generated Content (UGC) Contests – Enforce brand standards for digital content with integrated content screening. Built into the admin tool for photo and video UGC promotions is an industry leading AI tool that can be easily trained to identify, monitor, and automatically tag submitted content. Make sure that every piece of content that is eligible to win meets criteria set by your brand.

Realtime Media also offers manual screening and impartial judging services for UGC. Based entirely on criteria provided to RTM from your brand, we complete screening, sorting, and judging 100% in-house and deliver full results back to your brand for the final say on winner selection.

Legal Administration & Compliance