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Prize Fulfillment Services: What’s Included

Prizes are the core incentive driving engagement toward your marketing goals when running a sweepstakes or contest. That’s why we offer specialized prize management and fulfillment services for your promotional needs.

You’ll want to ensure you have the right incentive to engage your customers with your brand. As the promotion concludes, you can save time and effort using prize fulfillment services to handle the logistics of rewarding your customers, while you spend your time on reaping the marketing benefits of the promotion’s registrants.

Since prizes are the central component of sweepstakes or contests – here at Realtime Media, we’ll guide you through our prize strategy process to ensure your campaign’s success from beginning to end:

  • Strategic Planning and Prize Conception

Prizes are the main draw of a great sweepstakes or contest – The right rewards can drive the best results. That’s why we include prize concepting for your promotion with our prize fulfillment services.

Our end-to-end services begin with delivering prize options best suited to your audience and brand. We can assist with strategic planning of your prizes that will incentivize your audience to act, while working within your budget and entrant demographics.

  • Prize Procurement

Concepting prizes that match your audience is just the start. Ensuring these prizes are fulfilled is crucial to protecting your brand by delivering your audience the promised rewards.

We can assist with planning and executing the tedious logistics of experiences such as dream vacations and getaways or curation and delivery of physical rewards.

We consider all factors including:

    • Winner Affidavits
    • 1099 Tax Forms
    • Shipping, Custom Labeling/Packaging
    • Entrant Support
    • Winner Screening (to ensure eligibility)
    • Winner Verification (to prevent fraud  e.g.: limit one per household)
  • Winner Drawing & Outreach

In addition to supporting your contestants or entries, we also handle verification and management of winners to ensure a complete, positive experience between your brand and audience.

Why Winner Verification?

As part of our winner outreach process, we ensure full enforcement of the official rules by verifying the winner’s identity. We use the winner’s name, email, phone number, and in some cases a notary to verify winners’ identity so that if the limit is, for example, “one winner per household” that is executed.

Winner Outreach Services

From initial winner outreach to the option to include special winner letters and packaging we have all the capabilities to ensure your verified winners have a special experience. You can choose primary and secondary channels of communication you would like us to use to reach out to your winner(s) and we can even complete outreach in social media Direct Messages when you grant permission through each social platform.

  • Prize Administration

Our services are covered by a $1,000,000 Errors & Omissions Indemnification Policy.

Handling the obligations of a prize-driven promotion can be daunting, however, we provide the legal expertise to ensure your official rules, prizing parameters, and promotion are up-to-par with state, national, and international guidelines.

  • Prize Fulfillment

Even if you have prizes in hand, we can still work with you to ensure the often tedious details of prize management are covered.