Features & Services

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Additional UGC Add-ons and Services

Our contests and sweepstakes can be layered with additional add-ons to drive your engagement further. These additional features can help create a cycle of engagement between you and your audience, or handle tasks such as winner drawing or content moderation. Our development team can create your promotion to any specifications. For User-Generated Content, we have addons including:

  • Photo screening – combines our AI screening and RTM will handle any exceptions that are marked unsure by AI
  • Contest moderation and judging – RTM will screen contest entries based on judging criteria you set on your Official Rules. For example, a photo submission contest being judged 60% on creativity and 40% on having your brand’s product in the photo. Or RTM can handle just preliminary screening
  • Public voting (with or without sweeps overlay) – drives extra engagement, lowers the barrier to entry for those not willing to submit a photo and drives email acquisition by capturing emails when people go to vote.
  • Custom landing page – customize the look and feel of your landing page, adding in support for extra content blocks that can feature prizes, other campaigns or products or brands you sell.
How Our UGC Technology Works