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Why Run a Sweepstakes? Explore the Benefits

Running a sweepstakes can be a proactive way to draw or reactivate new and existing customers. It provides an opportunity to fortify your consumer data to develop actionable insights and draw leads.

Sweepstakes can also be paired with other gamification techniques and instant win games to maximize engagement and participation.

By giving your audience a way to invest themselves in your brand, running a sweepstakes can support a collection of marketing goals, such as:

  • Product Launches – Sweepstakes can drive new product launches and draw attention to new highlights for your brand. In addition, they’re a great means to direct traffic to a website or app.
  • Drive Purchases – Incentives can generate a sales lift. With the right prize strategy, structuring your sweepstakes as a purchase-to-win style with alternative means to entry can drive purchases or foot traffic to your brand’s storefront.
  • Repeat by Re-engaging – Been awhile since you heard from some of your customers? Invite them back with a fun opportunity that drives them to revisit your brand.
  • Referrals – 74% of consumers claim word-of-mouth as a big influence over their purchase decisions. By granting bonuses such as additional entries, you can empower your customers to do marketing for you.
  • Ratings & Reviews – Online reputation is important, and reviews impact over 67% of purchase decisions. Build credibility by motivating your audience to share more about their experiences.
  • Collect Live Data for Actionable Results – Regardless of your marketing goals we provide 24/7, real-time analytics in our web dashboard. We’ll provide you with day over day metrics and daily reports. As the promotion comes to a close, we’ll provide a presentation from our business intelligence team that recaps campaign results with an insightful analysis.

Our services and solutions provide all the legal administration and management services you need. We offer the leading expertise in compliant, effective promotions.