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Sweepstakes Examples: Campaigns That Drive Results

Leverage sweepstakes promotions to incentivize any action
Digital Promotions such as sweepstakes have the flexibility and features to draw in actionable results. Many of our partners and clients have taken advantage of sweepstakes to support objectives such as brand awareness and engagement.

The data collected by sweepstakes allows you to make actions backed by insights. As customers register to participate, your team can take advantage of remarketing initiatives, customer segmentation, lead generation, and more.

In addition, sweepstakes are great at generating word-of-mouth. By offering incentives such as additional entries, your sweepstakes can turn your fans into your best marketers.

Explore our past campaigns to see how sweepstakes have boosted our client’s objectives:

New York & Company, Rock the Sweeps

Objectives – Promote newest product line, generate new followers and leads, increase foot traffic, boost seasonal brand engagement.

  • Database Growth – 60% opt-in rate for remarketing.
  • Engagement – Over 100,000 game plays.
  • Brand Awareness – 2x returning users per shared link.

Essie, Retro Revival

Objectives – Promote newest collection, engage and activate current customers, generate new followers.

  • Database Growth – Over 60,000 registrations.
  • Engagement – Over 280,000 game plays.
  • Awareness – 150,000+ visits to the website.

Gray Line, #FindAReasonToGo

Objectives – Increase social presence, generate new followers and fans, and reconnect with current customers.

  • Database Growth – Over 25,000 registrations.
  • Engaged Users – 16x Replays Per Person.
  • Awareness – Over 250,000 game plays.

Visit Florida, Sunshine Moments

Objectives – Promote the Visit Florida brand, attract tourism, increase social following.

  • Database Growth – 90% Retention Rate.
  • Engagement – 16x Repeat Plays Per Person.
  • Brand Awareness – 3:1 Return Rate from Social Sharing and Voting Hub.
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