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Sweepstakes Add-Ons

Leverage technology that creates new paths to your promotion and drives deep engagement.

Instant Win

Instant Win games encourage visitors to engage with the brand and reward them with a smaller prize. Adding a layer of Instant Win promotions to your sweepstakes is perfect for maximizing your return.

By layering Instant Win and Sweepstakes promotions, you can encourage actions such as repeat visits, social sharing and word-of-mouth referrals, and continuous participation and engagement.

Receipt Validation

With receipt validation, your sweepstakes can utilize purchase-to-win entry to your marketing campaign and drive sales.

In three steps, receipt validation can offer a convenient experience on any mobile touchpoint:

  1. Users snap a photo or screenshot of their purchase – our technology ensures accuracy when analyzing the snapshot.
  2. Upload / SMS Text – Users can text a keyword to an SMS system and be prompted to upload their snapshot. Once our system scans and validates their purchase, users are sent a registration link.
  3. Register – From here, consumer data is collected with our incentivized approach at driving purchase and participation, and building your database for future marketing efforts.

Photo Entry 

User Generated Content is being leveraged by many brands for curation, reach, insights, and affinity. Photo Entry add-ons stretch the engagement of your sweepstakes and deepen the personal investment your audience has in your brand.

With photo entries, you can explore many strategies including:

  • Encouraging return visitors to vote on their favorite images, and boost word-of-mouth by encouraging others to vote on their own submission.
  • Generating organic content for future marketing efforts.
  • Using submissions to validate purchases and completion of specific marketing objectives.

On-pack Validation

Drive sales when you run a sweepstakes where purchases are entries. Chance-to-win promotions gain an advantage when featured on and/or inside product packaging by layering an incentive to purchase in-store.

By featuring an in-the-moment display of your sweepstakes or contest, your promotion can be a key factor in shoppers choosing your product over competitors.

Sweepstakes Business Integrations