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Sweepstakes Services: What’s Included

We have two main ways we can help you launch your sweepstakes. You can use our PromoPick Solution which provides you a turnkey layout that you or our creative can design for or we can work together to assemble a user flow and design that you dictate and we execute on that.

Our PromoPick solution can cater to multiple campaign types and marketing objectives. In as little as five days, our quick-to-launch, cost-effective solution can be prepared to engage your audience and deliver key information about your users.

This standard package includes backend sweepstakes management and administration from start to finish, including:

  • Sweepstakes strategy and promotional launch.
  • Sweepstakes administration and official rules templates.
  • Sweepstakes management: Winner drawing, prize fulfillment, and post-promotion outreach.

In three simple steps, we can provide you with a quote for your sweepstakes objectives:

Choose Your Promotion – Sweepstakes are a great solution for activating your audience, acquiring new leads, and more. We have additional PromoPick™ solutions for User Generated Content, Instant Win, and other strategies that align with your marketing goals.

Need help choosing a campaign type

Choose Your Layout – There are multiple templates that can be customized to your brand identity and capture leads and information seamlessly. Each template includes a welcoming landing page, an entry/registration form, and a “thank you” screen to confirm entry.

Check our Interactive Demo Layouts to see some design options and how users will navigate through your sweepstakes.

Structure Your Prize Pool – Incentives are the core of your sweepstakes! Select a prize strategy or contact our expert team to help you optimize your return.

Additionally, sometimes online promotions can attract attention you don’t want: spammers and bots. Our sweepstakes and contest technology are safeguarded to ensure protection and screening against fraudulent or spam entries using a multi-point user and device check to ensure it’s a real human accessing the promotion page or microsite to register.