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Shopper Marketing Solutions: What’s Included

When putting together a Shopper Marketing promotion there are many factors to consider. The first factor being what base promotion are you looking to run and direct shoppers to. There are three basic promotion types that are offered:

Once your brand has decided on a base promotion, you then decide on how you wish to engage consumers in store. While each leverages easily accessible mobile technology built into all smart-phones, there are major use differences between the three.

SMS/Text-to-Enter Promotions

Text-to-enter campaigns allow easy entry to digital properties right from the customer’s phone without the need to download any third-party applications. By providing an SMS short code for customers to text, they are provided a quick link where they can easily register for your digital promotion.

On-Pack Promotions

Using the physical packaging, each consumer is provided with a unique digital access code. Consumers use these codes to unlock access to digital properties and the core promotional site. Once unlocked, consumers can register for the promotion and explore the rest of the site’s content.

Receipt Validation

Using either MMS entry or on-site upload, encourage consumers to submit a photo of their receipt for validation. Once the purchase is confirmed consumers are allowed promotional registration. Encourage repeat purchase by allowing multiple entries with each receipt validated.