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Generate Repeat Sales & Return Shoppers

Create lifelong consumers from your initial promotion by using it to kickoff a consumer-brand relationship. Your shopper marketing promotion is a way to introduce shoppers to your product and show you’re invested in their product experience.

Ditch the BOGO campaign and increase profit margins on promotions

MarketingWeek reports that while traditional BOGO campaigns are proven to influence, they decrease profit margins and only provide as much incentive as there are eligible products.

Instead, running a receipt validation campaign in tandem with a digital promotion such as a sweepstakes or instant win game (or both!). Requiring the purchase of a specific product in exchange for a coupon and the chance to win big drives sales and increases profit margins on promotions.

Gamify purchases and chance with in-pack promotions

Elevate brand loyalty by making each purchase a new chance to win. Go beyond good price and great packaging by leveraging chance and excitement.

For many CPG brands the quality of your product is what gets people hooked, but getting them involved takes some extra effort. By making each purchase a chance to win, you engage the consumer beyond the product and give them an additional reason to re-purchase.

Connect purchases to profiling data

In addition to purchase verification, receipts contain powerful data about consumer habits and purchase behavior. Frequency, location and quantity (along with others) are all powerful data points for any CPG brand. Pairing this data with a simple set of fun profiling questions in the registration process and your brand suddenly has access to powerful zero-party data and consumer insights.