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Instant Win Games: Benefits

Running an Instant Win campaign is a great way to bring the customer back time and again while delivering a unique user experience. Instant Win Games can help boost repetitive actions and engagement with your brand. 

By placing an instant win promotion at a specific consumer touch points and offering prizing, brands can create an incentive for their desired behavior. Consumers will respond to the opportunity to win prizes through gameplay.  

By providing a new incentive to engage with the brand, using Instant Win Games in a digital promotion can support marketing goals such as: 

  • Repeat Purchases – Instantly rewarding users with smaller prizes keeps them coming back for more and continuously repeating the desired behavior. 
  • Consumer Loyalty  When users are rewarded with prizes and unique game play, this creates an emotional response of excitement and enjoyment that the user connects to your brand, driving consumer loyalty. 
  • In-app Participation – Using in-app instant win promotions is a great way to make your app stand out by creating a unique customer experience and driving in-app engagement. In-app gamification can create an interactive experience for the consumer. 
  • Ratings and Reviews – Online reputation is important, and reviews impact over 67% of purchase decisions. By using instant win promotions to reach consumers at any touch point, brands can use instant win rewards to incentivize leaving a rating or review. 
  • Collect Live Data for Actionable Results – We provide 24/7, real-time analytics in our web dashboard. We’ll provide you with day over day metrics and daily reports. As the promotion ends, we’ll provide a presentation from our business intelligence team that recaps campaign results with an insightful analysis.