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Collect First-Party Data from Your Social Followers

Social media promotions, in the form of sweepstakes (giveaways) or contests, definitely help cut through the clutter on social media channels to boost interaction rate. However the critical element of a social media promotion is the moment you capture
the user’s first-party data on a promotion microsite. Let’s look at the user flow of 2 social media promotions: one that is entirely on social channels, and one that uses social media to drive users to a promotion microsite:

Goal: Promotion Entirely on Social Media Promotion with a Registration Microsite
Impressions Promoted Post Impression Promoted Post Impression
Engagement Action Taken Like Post Like Post
Earned Media Impact Like and Share with Friends Like and Share with Friends
Conversion Action Tags a Friend in a Comment for an Entry Clicks to Microsite
Acquisition: Marketable Data N/A Capture registration information (i.e. email address, zip code, language, etc.)
Bonus: Earned Media Impact N/A Registrant has now entered and shares that chance with trackable link out to their followers.
Extra Incentive N/A Registrant’s followers that come to the promotion microsite through share link earns the referring registrant an extra entry.
Goal: Promotion Entirely on Social Media Promotion with a Registration Microsite
Drive Social Engagement
Acquire Marketable Data 🚫

Social media promotions are a great way to engage your current fans, get them to share exciting chances to win prizes with their friends, and get them to click through to content or tagged co-brand profiles. But combining a social media promotion with
an engaging microsite can further extend the impact and goals of your social promotion by driving new registrants into your marketing database.